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Oldie but goodie April 5, 2010

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This may be old news, but if you’ve never seen the Gospel of John, you should.  It is an almost Word for Word adoption of the Gospel to a movie format.  I first watched this movie 2 years ago, and I watch it every Lent.  It’s the best production of Jesus life and Gospel I’ve seen.  It is very accurate, and I really liked the actors chosen.  There is only one glaring error -women are included in the Last Supper, which does not correspond to what is written in John’s Gospel, or any other Gospel.   Other than that, it is extremely accurate, and moving.  It also very well captures the tensions, extreme tensions that existed between the nascent Christian community of the 1st Century AD and the legacy Jewish community in the Holy Land. 

And, you can watch it for free on youtube

A quickie on Confession April 5, 2010

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The zombie hunting priest in the Salt Lake Diocese, Fr. Richtsteig, had a post up during Holy Week regarding Confession.  I think it applies to alot of us, so I’m going to excerpt all of it here:

I hear a lot of Confessions. Not that I am complaining (at least most of the time). And it really heats up during Lent and Holy Week. I hear 3 to 5 hours a day during Holy Week. I want to ensure that there is no excuse for not going to Confession before Easter. (It also has the added benefit of annoying the liturgists. This is always a plus.)

One thing that I hear over and over again is people apologizing for confessing the same type of sin over and over again. First of all, let me assure you that we priest don’t grade you on originality. We really don’t want you to come up with new and original sins or combination to keep us entertained. Anyways, after 15 years I think it would be difficult to come up with something I haven’t heard. Off the top of my head, I think the only things I am missing on my checklist are cannibalism and kidnapping.

Second, it is important to realize that most people do confess the same type of sin over and over again. It is not because they are not, with God’s grace, working on conversion. It is because our characters are fairly fixed and rarely change. And the devil attacks us precisely where we are weakest. Is it any wonder that that is where we sin.

So don’t give up! Keep working with God’s help on strengthening those weak areas and don’t worry about boring the priest.

I know I feel this way……that I’m always going in confessing the same old things, week in and week out.  I’m selfish, prideful, lustful, often putting myself ahead of others and falling far short in my service to God and man.  I know that some priests I confess to regularly seem to mentally yawn when I come in, which is unfortunate, as it only gives the impression that our sins are boring and/or minimal, and that we should go to Confession less often, if at all.  That’s exactly what Satan wants us to think. 

We need Confession, regularly, to grow in our Faith.  Yes, alot of us may wind up committing the same sins over and over again and Confessing them with depressing frequency, but that is still very important.  I find that I do make a little bit of progress with regular confession – it really has helped.  If I only went to confession once every 6 months, I do not feel I would have made the progress in some areas that I have.  So, never be ashamed to go to confession, and never feel that what you confess is either boring or repetitive or, most importantly, indicates that you aren’t growing at all spiritually. 

We should all avail ourselves of the two great sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession as frequently as possible.  Such is the path of growth in God.

I’m back April 5, 2010

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I’m back from my Holy Week vacation/retreat.  I have some things to report based on my experiences.  There are alot of good things happening out in the Catholic world.  I’ll try to get some more posts up later today, but I’m busy as a li’l beaver right now.  I’ll catch up as best I can and try to get back to giving you the strong Catholic opinions you love, or love to hate. 

I pray everyone had a blessed Easter.