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In attacking the Pope…… April 7, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in foolishness, General Catholic.

…….the press is attacking the one individual who has done more to fight corruption and sexual malfeasance in the Church than any 10 other people combined.  So says Damien Thompson in the Telegraph, refering to the investigations Pope Benedict has initiated of the apparently very corrupt Legion of Christ:  

The NCR can’t stand Pope Benedict, but it does reveal that Cardinal Ratzinger refused the “donations” (charitable bribes) that the Legion sucessfully pressed on other senior Vatican clergy, sometimes to gain access to John Paul II:

In 1997 [Ratzinger] gave a lecture on theology to Legionaries. When a Legionary handed him an envelope, saying it was for his charitable use, Ratzinger refused. “He was tough as nails in a very cordial way,” a witness said.

A few years later, it was Cardinal Ratzinger who ignored John Paul’s wishes and moved against against Maciel, to the fury of the latter’s allies, who included Cardinal Angelo Sodano and John Paul’s secretary, Msgr (now Cardinal) Stanislaw Dziwisz.

In 2004, John Paul – ignoring the canon law charges against Maciel – honored him in a Vatican ceremony in which he entrusted the Legion with the administration of Jerusalem’s Notre Dame Center, an education and conference facility. The following week, Ratzinger took it on himself to authorize an investigation of Maciel.

The Vatican’s old boy network tried to do what it did in the case of the pervert Cardinal Groer of Vienna in the late 1990s, when Cardinal Ratzinger was blocked from instituting a thorough investigation. But in 2005, as more allegations surfaced against the Legion – many of whose leaders were almost as rotten as their founder, though ordinary members were unaware of this – Ratzinger was elected Pope.

In 2006, he punished the very frail, drug-addicted Maciel by sending him into exile in disgrace – a not unreasonable decision, since the old man wouldn’t have lived long enough to face a criminal trial lasting years. He then ordered the most thorough investigation of a Catholic organisation in the Church’s history, scheduled to conclude this month.

Meanwhile, the stonewalling by the Legion’s Vatican defenders continues. This is what Benedict XVI is up against in his campaign to root out corruption from the Church and bring horribly delayed justice to the victims of abuse. His reforms – which are in a subtle way connected to his renovation of Catholic worship – will take up the rest of his pontificate. But I think he may have guessed as much when he accepted the decision of the conclave five years ago. And what a good decision it was.

Pope Benedict has been THE primary person at the Vatican trying to change the culture of the Church, and especially the priesthood, and who has vigorously tried to get pervert priests removed.  The press knows this, or they should.  But, then, the attacks on Benedict have always had less to do with a genuine concern for the victims, and more about a convenient weapon with which to bludgeon the Church.  More so, to bludgeon Benedict, who, with his true Catholic reforms and true ecumenism is a living rebuke of much of the progressive mindset.


1. Mary - April 8, 2010

People don’t like the Truth, and don’t want to hear it. They bash anyone who speaks the truth.

It’s a shame, people don’t want to grow in knowledge, only in their own ‘worldy’ ways.

Jesus warns against this, and tell us that we will suffer here on this earth for Him and for His Truth.

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle…,

2. Tim Lebsack - April 8, 2010

re: “tried to get pervert priests removed”

It’s always seemed clear to what the Catholic Church should do.
Action Plan For Pervert Priests
1) terminate employment
2) defrock
3) file complaint with legal authorities
4) possible defellowship

Where is the bottleneck ? What am I not understanding ?

tantamergo - April 9, 2010

There is the situation of priests being improperly accused, however. I am all for quick and thorough investigations, and then if the claims are substantiated, then your four steps seem warranted. I hate to think of a good priest being falsely accused and having his life destroyed. I have read the stories of some priests who have suffered through that – perhaps they are intended to offer up a huge sacrifice in reparation for the crimes perpetrated against these children. It’s an awful mess.

3. Kevin - April 8, 2010

Sorry I do not buy this Pope Benidict Love fest that seems to coincedently started as news of his being one of the many who looked the other way while children were molested. as a victim I was at first grateful for his taking on the issue so openly I even wrote the bisho who over sees the diocese I was raped and molested in telling him to emulate the Pontiff. Than I found the letter he wrote As Cardinal Razinger reminding the catholic conference of Bishops of the Papal decree(letter ) of 1962 outlining how to deal with predator priestsINCLUDING his remindind the need for CONDIDENTIALITY (secrecy) saying excommunication will be used for any who violate these orders

tantamergo - April 9, 2010

Kevin –

I can’t imagine the betrayal you have suffered. I am unaware of the document sent by Ratzinger that you refer to. Can you send a link, I’d really like to read it in context. If the document was referring to abuse that took place in the confines of the Confessional, then Ratzinger may have been referrring to the normal ecclesiasal penalties that apply to openly discussing events that take place there. Otherwise, I don’t know. I will say that even people who aren’t big fans of Benedict XVI or his reforms have stated that he’s done more to try to deal with this problem than anyone else in the Church. Rod Dreher at beliefnet has stated as much, as has John Allen at National Catholic Reporter. Neither has a great love for Pope Benedict. But I think they realize the limitations of the system. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church is a huge bureaucracy, and has become much more so in the last 40 years. There is a tendency to try to ignore problems, especially problems like this, rather than to deal with them face on. I think Benedict has tried hard to change this mindset, but he’s not as powerful as people think. Especially in North America and Europe, bishops have increasingly seen themselves as literal miniature popes, with complete control over their fiefdoms. In my reading of these events, most of the blame lies with the bishops, who have most frequently tried to cover up and hide the abusers while keeping them employed in parishes. The Pope, or a Cardinal at the Vatican, can issue documents and send letters and try to get the bishops to do the right things, but with obedience frequently being so lax in the Church, it hasn’t happened.

This is all a continuing fruit of the ostensible reforms that occurred in the late 60s and early 70s. Most of the abuse dates from that time up until the early ’90’s. It’s going to take decades to unwind all the corruption and sin that crept into the Church. I think Benedict could have done more, one can always do more, but he’s done more than anyone else, at least as far as I have been able to see.

Again, if you can provide a more specific reference on the document that then Cardinal Ratzinger sent, I would be most interested in reading it.

4. Kevin - April 8, 2010

This iot a new problem within the chuch.There have been documents showing going back to 1850’s where this issue was written about by Pontiffs. The excuse the chuch got by with for a long time was we like everyone else did not understand the nature of these predators. That excuse was lost when the appletate court forced the chuch to release records showing correspondence with the Prelate who delt with troubled priests who as far back as late 1950’s told the Pontiff and over a dozen catholic bishops these priests were unrependent ,lying vile men who should be removed from priesthood or isolated from the public permanently. He was ignored…

5. Kevin - April 8, 2010

Truth be told as One who was brutally molested by a priest,The Vast majority of priests are good God serving men who work very hard for the people in Jesus name. The real problem is the chuch continues to ignore victims needs saying we spend over a million dollars last year for therapy for victims. It took over seven years before I was offered therapy this after in a suicidal depression I again reached out to the chuch. I was sent to catholic charaties for therapy.I lost EVERYTHING of value in my life. In a letter to conference of bishops I said they were responsible for turning victims into plantiffs. I was offer therapy within 24 hours of sending that e-mail. Go figure…

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