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Poll on Mass Preferences April 7, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in foolishness, General Catholic.

My good friends at US Catholic, who just lurve me, have a poll up in relation to an article on Bp. Donald Trautman’s efforts to stymie the introduction of the new Mass translation.  The good bishop is actually leading an effort to encourage priests and his fellow bishops to disobey, and to refuse to introduce the new translation when it becomes available in a year or so.  Wonderful!  What a great message to send to fellow Catholics!  We make the truth, not those old fogies in Rome!  Forget that the USCCB has voted overwhelmingly in favor of the new translation – Bp. Trautman and his allies don’t like it, so it must be opposed.  Civil disobedience is called for!  Fits in rather nicely with the progressive mindset, doesn’t it?

The poll is here.   I’m sure they are expecting overwhelming numbers to oppose the new translation.  I think it’d be pretty funny to surprise them.  Below are the options, courtesy Fr. Z:

Which one do you think I voted for?!?


1. Mary - April 8, 2010

…”natural, easy-to-understand English…”

Really, easy to understand for who??? a first grader???
and ‘natural’, what does that mean? sounds like one of those catchy words, with flashing arrows, ‘choose this one’ because it’s ‘natural’. According to the Merriman-Webster’s dictionary, ‘natural’ means ‘…of nature’, or ‘based on an inherent sense of right or wrong’ … interesting…

Everywhere we are challenged to better ourselves…except in our own church it seems sometimes. Big words are tooo hard…

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