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Archbishop Gomez April 8, 2010

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Bishop Brown, your phone may be ringing soon…..

Regarding those attacks on the Pope in the NYT April 8, 2010

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This is hardly unexpected.  The current editor in chief of the NYT describes himself as a “collapsed” Catholic and has stated he wants to overthrow the Magisterium and have the Church embrace every leftist view of ‘tolerance’ and ‘progress’ imaginable.  He’s even in favor of forcing the Church to make these changes.  See what I mean about the progressive mindset

So when the NYT dredges up a plaintiff’s attorney and the most disgraced former bishop in the country to reference a decades old abuse case in an attempt to defame the Pope, you don’t think the editor’s views of the Church had anything to do with decision to run such a story, do you?

Beware the ‘Day of Silence’ April 8, 2010

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Our friends at GLSEN, the Gay and Lesbian Student Action Network, are nothing if not industrious.  If they’re not pushing ‘gay socials’ for teens, where fisting kits (barf) are distributed and 40 year olds are trying to pick up 13 year olds, they’re pushing books for elementary students that glorify sex acts between 1st grade boys.   Now, they’re promoting a ‘National Day of Silence,’ in which thousands of schools around the country will encourage students to be silent throughout the day, in order to better receive the instructional material provided by GLSEN on the gay lifestyle.  This is ongoing in public schools, so any parents who read here, yes, both of you, may be advised to go check out to see if their child’s school is sponsoring this event.

If so, you are encouraged to keep your child home that day.  Also, this event is spreading into private schools as well, and it’s possible that it may be held at local Catholic schools (although, we don’t know of any doing so).  If any readers find out that any local Catholic schools are hosting this event, PLEASE let me know.  Most parents have never even heard of this, and are unaware of this activity going on. 

More info here.

Nothing like some good old fashioned anti-Catholic bigotry April 8, 2010

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Ahh, that very demure, very sweet, very reserved, and always incredibly lady-like Roseanne Barr is at it again.  She apparently has something like a blog on her website, and she penned a lovely little screed castigating Catholic parents for taking their children to Mass in the presence of the overwhelming numbers of sex abusers.  Because that’s what the Church is, don’t you know? 

The pedo (paedophile) priests are trying to cover up the number of LITTLE GIRLS they have molested too, as if that doesn’t matter as much as what happens to boys. Trust me, the number of girls raped and molested by priests is at least double the boys. They are trying to cover it all up so that they can end up purging gay priests, and laying the blame on them.”The fact is pedos like to rape both boys and girls, and only a small number of pedos are exclusively into male children. I am starting to think that any parent who takes their kids to Catholic churches from now on should lose custody. Taking your kid where you know sex offenders hang out is inexcusable!!!”

Gee, you don’t think Ms. Barr holds any preconceived notions regarding the Church, do you?  What a lovely, insightful sentiment.  I’m sure she truly has the best interests of the children at heart when she penned her screed.  She certainly could not have been driven by any other motivation!

And how does Ms. Barr “know” that there are vast numbers of abused girls just about to burst forth from their dungeon under the Vatican to tell their tales of sordid abuse at the hands of horrid priests?  I’m sure she’s spent years researching the topic, interviewing victims, and comparing abuse rates among clergy in different churches.  And I am sure she is just as upset that a child in public school is 4x more likely to be abused there than by a priest, and similarly at the much higher rate of abuse in protestant churches.  I’m sure this had nothing to do with a bigot spouting her venom based on nothing more than her own prejudice. 

No, couldn’t be that.  That would be completely out of character.  

And I’m sure this has nothing to do with garnering a moment back in the spotlight to try to reinvigorate her dying career. 

Nevertheless, hard as it might be, this woman needs our prayers.  There is alot of pain behind that churlish facade.  She’s one of the most unhappy women I’ve ever seen.  Perhaps her pain is largely self-inflicted, but, nonetheless, she needs lots of prayers.

Divine Mercy Novena April 8, 2010

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I haven’t blogged on this, so shame on me, but we are at the 7th day of the Divine Mercy Novena.  The revelations of the Divine Mercy made to Sister Faustina have at times been contentious in the Church – I know there are some traditionalist Catholics who are not comfortable with the part of the Divine Mercy prayer that says “I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of…..,” with the traditionalists feeling that only a consecrated priest can rightly offer those things to the Lord.  I think as a sacramental it’s fine, and I don’t think we’re offending the Lord by recalling and even ‘offering’ this sacrifice in a prayerful way, keeping in mind the distinctions reserved to the priest during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  However, if there are any traditionals who would like to comment, please do so (I’m looking at you, Steve). 

I’d also like to let people  know that Fr. Bob Hilz, a Third Order Franciscan (TOR) who was formerly the priest in residence at St. Mark, is hosting his annual Divine Mercy Mass at All Saints in Dallas this Sunday at 2:30 pm.  Fr. Bob is a very good priest, he is very much on fire with the Lord and is definitely a great teacher.  He really loves delving into Scripture and the practice of the faith.  If you haven’t celebrated Mass with Fr. Hilz, you should try to attend.

I’m not sure we’ll be able to attend, we’ll be off hunting around Hunt county for a fabled devout cleric who seems alot like Uncle Steven from the Outlaws of Ravenhurst.