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Great post at Catholic Vote Action April 13, 2010

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In spite of the efforts of some who claim to be in the Church, who are willing to trade social policy goals for federal funding of abortion, we are winning the pro-life fight.  Thomas Peters at Catholic Vote Action makes a very strong case for that statement. 

The number of abortion mills nationwide has fallen sharply over the last 15 years.  The number of abortions has fallen.  More Americans are now against abortion than ever before.  And more and more people are finding out the truth about Planned Parenthood and other pro-abort groups:

Their interest has never been about women, or ‘women’s rights,’ or anything else.  Planned Parenthood is interested in one thing – money.  They may have a side interest in eugenics, but their main interest is, and always has been, money.  They see abortion as a very low cost, high profit procedure, and don’t care how many have to die, or have their lives shattered, to achieve their interest.

Another reason to despise the Distorter April 13, 2010

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I have never cared for the National Catholic Reporter (Distorter).  I don’t like the aging hippies who populate most of their pagews, and I have no use for the tired old ‘spirit of Vatican II’ protestantizing rhetoric. 

Now, I have another reason to despise them, and to never link them again.  I was at the ncr website today to read coverage on the seediness of Fr. Maceil, the founder of the Legion of Christ, and their wonderful website infected my computer with a virus.  A really nasty virus.  Nice website security there, guys!  Way to go!

Seriously – you can’t prevent your site from getting infected with Trojan?

Archbishop Burke slams heretical religious and CHA April 13, 2010

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Heretics?  Did I just say that?  Not just me, but also Archbishop Raymond Burke, head of the Apostolic Signatura (the Church’s ‘court’, if you will).  Archbishop Burke delivered comments at a conference recently that made plain what most already knew – many religious in this country are excommunicated, and should no longer call themselves Catholic.

An excerpt:

“Who could imagine that consecrated religious would openly, and in defiance of the bishops as successors of the apostles, publicly endorse legislation containing provisions which violated the natural moral law in its most fundamental tenets – the safeguarding and promoting of innocence and defenseless life, and fail to safeguard the demands of the free exercise of conscience for health care workers?” Burke questioned.

The Vatican official also severely criticized “public and obstinate betrayal of religious life by certain religious” towards Rome’s ongoing apostolic visitation into U.S. religious orders.


“Now is the time for us all, and in particular for consecrated persons to stand up for the truth and to call upon our fellow Catholics in leadership to do the same, or to cease identifying themselves as Catholics.”

I’ve always admired Archbishop Burke, who I pray will receive a red hat very soon, for his moral clarity and unabashed willingness to tell the Truth as revealed by Christ through his Church.  The time has come, indeed it is long past, for the Church to stop allowing every two bit new age nun, and homosexual brother, andd heretical college professor to spout off publically and repeatedly, making a lie of the Church’s Unity and our profession of faith.  I think more and more devout Catholics are realizing that this pathetic charade engaged in by many who have, in plain terms, lost their faith, cannot go on any longer.  It is far past time for the Vatican, and those bishops with a deep love for th eChurch, to start enforcing discipline and reigning in some of those who would make a mockery, a Cranmer inspired nothingness, of the Church.

All of the above originally reported by Thomas Peters at Catholic Vote Action.

Fr. Jason Cargo holding conference on liturgy April 13, 2010

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Fr. Jason Cargo will be holding a conference on ‘Liturgy’ tonight at 7:30 at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Plano, in conference room #9 in the Activity (gym) building.  This talk is in assocation with the Families of Nazareth organization.

I’m not sure what the focus of the talk on liturgy will be, but given that it’s Father Cargo, it should be very worthwhile.  I don’t think I can make it, so why don’t some of you go and come back and comment on how good it was? 🙂

Fr. Frank Pavone at All Saints April 17 April 13, 2010

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Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, will be celebrating Mass followed by a talk on Pro-Life issues on Saturday, April 17 at 5pm at All Saints in Dallas (directions).   Fr. Pavone is awesome, I’m sure many of you have seen himon EWTN – there is probably no more staunch defender of life in the Church.  If you are serious about supporting the pro-life movement, I strongly encourage you to attend. 

In addition, Rita Diller of STOPP Planned Parenthood is holding conferences in the area.  She spoke at St. Mark in Plano last Sunday, and will be at the following locations over the next several days:

St. Patrick’s, 9643 Fernadale, Dallas, Friday, April 16,  7:30, (their rosary
and meeting begin at 7:00), in the Parish Center, (building behind the church)

St. Jude’s,  1515 N. Greenville, Allen, Saturday, April 17, 11:00 (following the
quarterly rosary procession)

Our Lady of Angels,  1914 Ridgeview Dr., Allen, in the Education and Formation
Building, 6:00, dinner will be served, rsvp.

 To rsvp or for more info., please contact JoAnn Murray, 972-442-1127, joannmurray@verizon.net

Ms. Diller is an excellent speaker and can provide many details on the functioning of Planned Parenthood that most will find disturbing, if not hideous.  The Dallas pro-life organizations have had some successes in recent years in curbing the number of abortions performed, helping shut down clinics, and saving women from a heartbreaking mistake.  But, there is still much work to do.  With the horrid and euphemistic “Southwest Women’s Clinic” abortuary opening and doing all they can to prevent the pro-life message from being heard, we all need to try to redouble our efforts at prayer, counseling, and with financial support if possible.

I pray that these conferences will be VERY well attended!