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Update on Fr. Frank Pavone at All Saints April 14, 2010

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I related earlier that Fr. Frank Pavone will be celebrating Mass at All Saints in Dallas on Saturday, April 17.  I should add that he will also celebrate Mass at 11 am on Sunday at the same parish.

Now for something uplifting April 14, 2010

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From The Shrine of the Holy Whapping via Fr. Phillip’s AtonementOnline site, Victimae Paschali Laudes:

Whew.  After all the bad news, I needed that.

Are you really pro-choice, or more like, pro-abort? April 14, 2010

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John Hawkins looks at the rhetoric of the ‘pro-choice’ side, and finds it self-contradictory.  Yes, pro-aborts like to talk a good game, and say that “nobody wants abortions, we just want it to be safe, legal, and rare.”  Why is it, then, that even non-political, non-confrontational ads that address how serious the issue of abortion is, offend pro-aborts so much?  If they really hate abortion as they say, why do they do everything in their power to make abortion as common as possible? 

So, when an ad warns women that abortion can have horrendous unintended consequences, like this:

The pro-aborts have to deface it, like this:

The feminists are all atwitter.  In reality, they are admitting that it is better to kill a child, a human being, than to be inconvenienced in their life plans.  Most of the more radical pro-aborts are just that – they are in favor of abortion, as many abortions as possible. Many are misanthropes, and many have a severe distaste for children.  Some are loopy environmentalists who genuinely believe that human beings are “destroying the planet.”Some are just incredibly shallow people, social personality disorder types that literally have no empathy for anyone but themselves.  Some are a combination of the above.    

The vast majority of these pro-abort people share another characteristic – they are ‘progressive’ in their politics.  It’s a short walk from this kind of ‘progressive politics to Arbeit Macht Frei and the collectivization of the Ukraine.

Putting the abuse situation in perspective April 14, 2010

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I don’t want to minimize the suffering of those who have suffered at the hands of the FILTH in the Church, but Steve Kellmeyer has presented some information that must be considered.  Steve has researched this topic and found that Catholic priests are far less likely to abuse a child than a protestant minister, a Jewist rabbi, and way, way less likely than your neighborhood schoolteacher.  Why don’t these groups receive similar coverage?  Why is the Catholic Church being so singled out, with most recent coverage highlighting abuse that occured decades ago? 

It’s soo good, I’m going to reprint it all here:

It’s time to de-mythologize the Catholic abuse scandal. 

The linked column below highlights the following facts (and others besides):


As the recent Newsweek story pointed out, the Catholic Church does not molest at a rate different from other segments of the population. They don’t pay higher insurance premiums, the stats don’t support it. 

Indeed, according to the statistics produced by the New York Times and Newsweek, celibate Catholic priests actually offend at a rate 5 TIMES LOWER than any other known group.

For every one case of Catholic priest abuse, there are five cases of Protestant or rabbinic abusing children.

For every one case of Catholic priest abuse, there are 2000 cases of public school teachers abusing children.

In Islam, child abuse is actually a moral good. Marrying a a child under ten to a man of 40 or 50 who has other wives is common, accepted, and often perfectly legal.

Thus, for every one case of Catholic priest abuse, there are literally tens of thousands of cases of Muslim abuse.

Furthermore, if you chart the incidence of abuse against the year it happened (as the linked article above does), you’ll see that abuse cases began to drop dramatically the same year Cardinal Ratzinger was appointed head of the CDF, and exactly two years after John Paul II became Pope.

By the time the news media began to report on it, the rate had already been crushed into the dust by those two men. 

Now, who is to blame for the continuing sexual abuse that takes place in public schools, at rates far higher than in Catholic parishes?  Who is to blame for the cover-up and the non-reporting on that much more common and serious abuse?  

Over the last fifty years, Catholic priests have produced an average of 220 cases of abuse each year.

Over the last ten years, public schools have produced an average of 450,000 abuse cases each year.

There should be thousands of news stories and media reports on public school and Muslim abuse for every one story of Catholic abuse. Instead,  there is virtually nothing on public school sexual abuse and absolutely nothing on Muslim rates of abuse. 

So, while Catholic abuse happens, given the distorted coverage, it is clear a political game is being played here.

Have you been conned by the media and other liberal liars?

So have a lot of other people.

The question is – do you like being conned? 

More Pfun with Pfleger’s Pfallacies April 14, 2010

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Long time rabble rouser and full time dissident Catholic Fr. Michael Pfleger has attracted the ire of Fr. Z.  Fr. Pfleger, who recently received an award from Cardinal George in Chicago for….generally being a huge pain in the neck, has repaid the good Cardinal by spouting progressive heresy during his sermon and then disregarding the rubrics during the Consecration and doing some self-serving freelancing.  Some serious, erroneous, non-Catholic freelancing.  Nice!  Do ya think Rev. Pfleger might be sending a message to Cardinal George and everyone else in the Church.  This is beyond not following the rubrics, this is progressive grandstanding and an attack on the core celebration of the Church, the sacrifice of the Mass.

What do you think will happen to Pfleger?  Does anyone think Cardinal George will discipline him?  If there is no discipline, is that due to Cardinal George not caring about this abuse, or is it because he is afraid of being labeled a racist, in the typical tactic of the progressive?  Isn’t this issue a grave scandal, since, by his receiving an award, Fr. Pfleger now seems to have the imprimatur of a Cardinal for his histrionics?