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More Pfun with Pfleger’s Pfallacies April 14, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in foolishness, General Catholic, scandals.

Long time rabble rouser and full time dissident Catholic Fr. Michael Pfleger has attracted the ire of Fr. Z.  Fr. Pfleger, who recently received an award from Cardinal George in Chicago for….generally being a huge pain in the neck, has repaid the good Cardinal by spouting progressive heresy during his sermon and then disregarding the rubrics during the Consecration and doing some self-serving freelancing.  Some serious, erroneous, non-Catholic freelancing.  Nice!  Do ya think Rev. Pfleger might be sending a message to Cardinal George and everyone else in the Church.  This is beyond not following the rubrics, this is progressive grandstanding and an attack on the core celebration of the Church, the sacrifice of the Mass.

What do you think will happen to Pfleger?  Does anyone think Cardinal George will discipline him?  If there is no discipline, is that due to Cardinal George not caring about this abuse, or is it because he is afraid of being labeled a racist, in the typical tactic of the progressive?  Isn’t this issue a grave scandal, since, by his receiving an award, Fr. Pfleger now seems to have the imprimatur of a Cardinal for his histrionics?

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