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Some people hate Catholics April 15, 2010

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Some people hate Catholics.  And, apparently, Bob Ellis of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is such a person.  The author compares the Pope to Osama Bin Laden and the Church to the Taliban, and that’s just for starters.  How about this fantasy:

If an Australia-wide child care corporation had been shown to have covered up 1000 cases of child rape by its teachers it would have been wound up, its assets seized and sold, its CEO arraigned for criminal neglect, its employees held for questioning, the offending perverts jailed or put in madhouses, its name eternally stained.

Yet precisely this kind of crime has occurred in another institution responsible for the care and shaping of children, the Catholic Church.

Should it be outlawed?

Or is it, simply, too big to fail?

Just asking.

It is worthwhile, I think, to make these connections, of how forgivingly we treat the First World rich and the contrasting way we treat the Third World poor. How we treat the crimes of Christians and of heathens in very different ways. It shows how crazy we have lately come to be, and how justly we are despised by the Islamic world, and the Communist world, and many of our former colonies.

If we do this violence to the Taliban for the way they treat their women and children, why not the Catholics too?

Why not bomb the Vatican, and riddle the Pope with bullets as he staggers out of the flames?

Now, I know some people are sooo desperate for attention, to make a mark in the world, that they say ridiculous, ugly, hate filled things.  The logical fallacies committed in the “editorial” are staggering.  They reveal a mind illed with hate and prejudices. 

And I’ll answer Mr. Ellis’ hypothetical – if statistics in Australia are anything like they are in the US, there is an organization with thousands of child abuse cases, many, many more than the Catholic Church, and its called the Australian public school system.  Why is Mr. Ellis not calling for teachers to be lined up and shot, and for schools to be bombed?  Could it be that he doesn’t care about the abuse, but that he’s just another bigot looking for an excuse to exercise his prejudice? 

You’ve got to love socialist countries and their state run media.  They are truly paragons of progressive thought – true exemplars of the craft.  This excrement was approved for publication by an entity of the government of Australia: think about that.  Can you see them publishing something like that about Muslims?  Of course not, the elite media is terrified of Muslims, and create Christian bogeymen to act as a psychologically safe stand-in.  I haven’t heard such vile anti-Catholicism even from the mouth of a Grand Wizard.  And yet here we have this presented as reasonable and even elite commentary. 

We had all better get used to the idea of penance.  I think faithful Catholics will have more and more opportunities to exercise that virtuous act with grim regularity.  Offer it up. 

Dominus vobiscum!

I heard something odd today….. April 15, 2010

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….I won’t say where, but I heard a local priest say “Protestants have been studying the Bible for alot longer than Catholics have.”

Hmmm.  I’m not sure how the priest arrived at that statement.  First, protestant churches have been around less than 1/4 the time the Catholic Church has.  Second, the Catholic Church compiled the Bible.  Third, every major Catholic dogma is taken directly from Scripture.  Fourth, how many doctors of the Church and others who base their work deeply in Scripture (St. John Crysostom, St. Thomas Acquinas, St. Basil, St. Terese of Avila, Thomas a Kempis, soon to St. John Henry Newman, etc. ad infinitum) do there have to be before the Church is considered to have cracked open the good book? 

Now, this was sort of an off the cuff remark during the Homily, but it’s a strange statement, even if it’s a misstatement.  I know there are some who state that Catholics were discouraged from reading the Bible prior to, say, 1960 or so.  That may have been the experience of some Catholics, but the Church never taught that.  Pope Leo XIII exhorted the faithful to read the Bible, and even gave a partial indulgence (actually, at the time, it was 300 years off of Purgatory!) to those who would read the Bible for 15 minutes a day. 

Vatican II certainly helped highlight the fact that the Catholic Church is THE Bible based Church.  I think it is great to emphasize Scripture – I read the Bible daily*.  But I think it’s important to make clear that the Church has always been based on Holy Scripture and all the great theology and literally endless spirituality and devotions of the Church are Biblically based.   And I pray the priest I heard today does not think that there is an pre-whatever council Church and a post-whatever council Church.  There is one Church.

* A note on reading scripture.  If you’re trying to figure out the context for a Bible quote you’re presented with, say, from a protestant trying to “prove” the fallacies of the Church, or even trying to make sense of a Gospel reading, always read 10-15 verses before the quoted Scripture, and 10-15 after.  This will put the quote in context and almost invariably refute the claim the protestant may be attempting to make.  It can also help contextualize the readings during The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in case you’re ever wondering who said what to whom after, say, a Gospel reading at Mass. 

Dominus vobiscum!

Update on Pfleger situation April 15, 2010

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As some of you may know, Fr. Michael Pfleger has “apologized” on the Archdiocese of Chicago website.  The non-apology apology is below:

On Sunday, April 11, while preaching a sermon on the power of fear, I was referring to the fear that paralyzed the apostles, locking them in a room, leaving only John and the women at the foot of the cross.  I stated that is why I believe women ought to be able to be ordained, as well as priests ought to be able to get married.

While this is my personal opinion, I do respect and follow the Catholic Church teachings and I am sorry I failed to do this.

Sooo………”while I persist in professing a belief directly contrary to the doctrine of the Faith, I do respect and follow the…….”  Really?  So this is an apology?  No, it isn’t, and, in fact, it makes it worse, because he has now confirmed on the archdiocesan website that these statements weren’t taken out of context and that he really, really believes this stuff.  And THEN they put that on the website, as an apology??!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? 

The entire thing is a joke.  He doesn’t respect and follow Catholic dogma, unless he happens to agree with it.  In those areas where his personal opinion differs, Pfleger not only feels free to disagree, he feels free to proclaim his heresy from the pulpit.  The only thing a heretic can legitimately do in his own defense is to recant.   This is not a recanting, and it’s not an apology, it’s a muddled attempt to sound contrite without actually being contrite. 

Cardinal George continues not to impress.