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Another noted psychiatrist supports Cardinal Bertone April 23, 2010

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In the ‘global warming’, also known as weather climate change debate, we have been repeatedly told that ‘the science is settled.’  Such statements are of course intended to stifle diverging opinions and to attack the credibility of those who think anthropogenic global warming is merely a tool to achieve the leftist agenda.   In the situation regarding pedophile priests, we have again been assured by some authorities, including the USCCB via the John Jay report, that homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia.  I wrote recently about a psychiatrist who disagreed most strongly with that assertion, and now another noted psychiatrist has come forth to argue that there is such a link.

I’m sure some will disagree most strongly with the psychiatrist’s conclusions.  I think we need to be careful here – just as in the global warming debacle, we may be presented with ‘facts’ and ‘proven scientific theories’ that are nothing of the sort.  There is still quite strong debate ongoing, and I do not think that it can be argued that there are not powerful, well funded lobbies out there who would like to drive the ‘science’ regarding homosexuality to a predetermined, politically correct conclusion.

Sharon Lee Giganti on New Age Deception June 24 April 23, 2010

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It seems that the Guadalupe Radio Network, our local EWTN radio affiliate, has been promoting this for months, but Sharon Lee Giganti, former New Ager turned good Catholic will be speaking at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas (at Love Field) on June 24th.  Tix are steep  – $45, but Ms. Giganti is a renowned expert on new age practices and provides a great deal of material explaining how new age is 1) contrary to the Faith, and 2) potentially very dangerous for its practitioners.

I encourage you to check her out.  The new age movement has made frightening inroads into the Church.  I’ve discussed the problems with new age practices among many in the Church, especially Sr. Joyce Rupp.   And, new age seems very popular with some in this diocese, including the staff at several parishes in the northern suburbs.  We’ve had several local parishes repeatedly new age types into the diocese, including Thomas Keating and Richard Rohr, two of the most ardent new age types who claim they are faithful members of the Church.  In fact, new age is so popular that Prince of Peace parish in Plano offers regular ‘centering prayer’, a practice that is contrary to the Catholic faith on numerous levels, as  Ms. Giganti explains at her site

A brief explanation of some of the problems with ‘centering prayer’ from Ms. Giganti’s site:

These pages list just a few examples, of the grave theological errors being taught to unsuspecting Catholics, through the “Contemplative Outreach” literature and media of Fr. Keating’s Centering Prayer Movement. Please know that Fr. Keating has stated, “The heart and soul of ‘Contemplative Outreach’ is the network of “Centering Prayer Groups’“. To allow one to set up camp in your parish is to allow the other

All of your parish members who sign up for centering prayer meetings, will be lead through Fr. Keating’s spiritual teaching and mentoring (which becomes more and more dissenting, the further you go along) – book by book, video by video, and also through their many “special events”. (All emphasis is mine)

#1 Fr. Keating claims that IT IS OUR DUTY TO BECOME GOD

The paragraph describing Segment 17 of 21 in “Integral Contemplative Christianity” reads as follows:”The Purpose of Being Human“:

Father Thomas says, “If you don’t want to become God, you’ve missed the boat. If you’re too humble to think you can become God,

#2 Fr. Keating contradicts the Truth that Jesus Christ is the only person who is both fully human and fully Divine, claiming that each one of us can achieve this too:

“For human beings, the most daunting challenge is to become fully human. For to become fully human is to become fully Divine.” —-Fr. Keating From his book, Manifesting God

#3 Fr. Keating is teaching monism when he says:

“The first part of the Christian Journey is to realize that there is an Other. The second part is to become the Other. The third and greatest part is to realize that there is no Other.”
Quote found on the www.incarnationalcontemplation.com website

It appears that Fr. Keating is expressing here, the (pantheistic and false) core tenet of many Eastern Religions which says; “We are all One, and this One is God“.

#4 Fr. Keating is teaching the Hindu (and non-Christian) concept of “Atman is Brahman and Brahman is Atman” – or, in Western terms-“My soul is God, and God is my soul” when he says:

“At our deepest level, we are more God than ourselves.”
– Fr. Thomas Keating

“Our basic core of goodness is our true Self”…


“…God and our true Self are the same thing”

— Fr. Thomas Keating (Both quotes are from his book: Open Mind, Open Heart)

Again, this contradicts the teaching of the Catholic Church, that we are creatures of God-distinct from God– and we remain eternally creatures. (A total absorption or dissolving into God does not ever occur)

#5 Fr. Keating contradicts the Catholic Church’s teaching on the reality of hell-the condition of eternal separation from God– when he says:

If God is present everywhere, it follows that under no circumstances can we ever be separated from him. We may feel that we are; we may think that we are. But in actual fact, there is no way that we can ever be apart from God even if we try.”
— Fr. Thomas Keating (From his book, Manifesting God)

We have a problem with many directors of religious education or family ministries in the northern part of this diocese having a strong affinity for new age practices.  These directors routinely pressure pastors to bring in heterodox, dissenting speakers into these churches, including Richard Rohr, Charles Curran, Thomas Keating, and Joyce Rupp. 

I pray that Ms. Giganti’s work will help increase awareness of the dangers of new age practices and highlight the fact that these speakers have no place in our parishes.  If you knew the travails of those who have tried to bring in good, orthodox speakers into these same parishes, you would be shocked at the double standards applied because of the hostility of the staff to authentic Catholic formation.

We must all pray continually for the conversion of much of the staff at our area parishes, and pray that our pastors will have the strength to resist their demands requests.