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Eighth Bishop severs ties with CCHD April 27, 2010

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Bishop Lawrence Brandt of Greensburg, PA, recently made news by informing some religious orders in his diocese who broke with the bishops to support Obamacare that they were no longer allowed to recruit using diocesan resources or at local parishes.  He is in the news again, coming out as the eighth bishop to state that his diocese will no longer support CCHD.   His diocese will now direct those funds normally allocated to CCHD to a diocesan anti-poverty fund that the diocese can control.  This will insure that funds given by the faithful in that diocese will not be diverted to causes that are antithetical to the Catholic faith.

CCHD has had a very checkered history.  For the past several years, numerous pro-life groups have railed against CCHD for its repeated support of pro-abort, pro-gay marriage, pro-contraception organizations.  There have been serious efforts afoot to either defund CCHD or to completely reform it.  Many complain that it’s very nature, being a Catholic ‘social justice’ organization set up in the Saul Alinsky mold, makes CCHD problematic from the get go.  The Reform CCHD Now coalition continues to press for a complete makeover of CCHD’s goals and agenda. 

I will note again that CCHD does not give to the poor!  It does not run one soup kitchen, it does not help get jobs for poor people, and it does not provide clothing or medical care.  It’s entire existence is centered around political agitation on behalf of the poor in the Alinsky mold.  Most of the organizations it supports are fringe leftist/progressive pressure groups.  These groups, being fully immersed in progressive thought, of course subscribe to those core progressive beliefs of being pro-abort, pro-gay marriage, pro-contraception, pro-women’s ordination, etc.  So long as CCHD is oriented to supporting these types of groups, scandals will repeatedly occur.


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