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Pope announces effort to re-evangelize US and Europe April 28, 2010

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Pope Benedict XVI, the most falsely maligned person in the world at present, has announced a new effort aimed at re-evangelizing Europe and North America.   The new effort is intended for:

countries where the Gospel has been announced centuries ago, but where its presence in their peoples’ daily life seems to be lost. Europe, the United States and Latin America would be the areas of influence of the new structure.

Well, count me on board.  Pope Benedict seems very serious about this new evangelization.  From recent pronouncements regarding the use of new media, to efforts to engage in truly meaningful ecumenism, Pope Benedict has been engaging in numerous efforts to try to invigorate the faith in places where it was once a prominent part of life but has been steadily withering of late.  This is really key – as the recent poll showed, most American Catholics no longer feel that the Faith plays an important role in their daily lives, and in Europe, the situation is far worse.   Ever been to a Catholic Church in Europe?  If they haven’t transitioned to a museum status, asking for a donation to even enter, they are virtually empty during Mass.  My wife wanted to pray at St. Bartholemew’s in Plzen one afternoon and was told it was $10.  Nice.  It’s not because the staff want to be jerks (although, that could be part of it), it’s because no one goes on Sunday and they have to raise money somehow to keep the church open.  It’s beyond sad. 

I’m glad for this new effort.  I’m heartened by all the efforts Pope Benedict is undertaking, but I realize that this will be the work of decades, if not centuries.  A faith can be lost in a culture in a few short years, and building it back up is back-breaking labor.  Thanks, progressivism!

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