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Race for the Cure April 29, 2010

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I know it’s very popular nowadays to support the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Unfortunately, doing so is not wise for the faithful Catholic.  Why?  First, Susan G. Komen donates large sums of money to research involving human embryos – research that destroys a human life.  Second, and more importantly for Catholics, Susan G. Komen is very closely associated with Planned Parenthood, and the Susan G. Komen foundation has for years tried to suppress research that shows links between abortion and contraception and breast cancer. 

There are also questions about how much of the money Komen raises – some $1.5 billion over a decade or more, actually goes to cancer research.  Most of the money goes to awareness campaigns, many of which involve corporate sponsors that then direct proceeds back to Komen. 

One very good way to help women and to prevent breast cancer is to support alternatives to Planned Parenthood, such as the White Rose Women’s Center in Dallas.  The White Rose is a Roman Catholic supported ‘crisis’ pregnancy center that helps women deal with unplanned pregnancies.  They are always in need of additional support, either through monetary donations or donated goods.  Perhaps, in your charity, you would consider donating to White Rose.  By preventing abortion, you will be helping to reduce the chances of a woman having breast cancer later in life. 

50 years ago, before oral contraceptives became widespread and abortion was legalized, breast cancer rates were less than 1/3 what they are now, even as the general rate of cancer in the population has only grown by about 10% (mainly due to longer life).  No form of cancer has grown faster over that time than breast cancer in women.

Choosing life in the most difficult circumstances April 29, 2010

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Some may already have seen this, but last year the Dallas Morning News ran a feature on a couple expecting their first child, a boy, named Thomas.  This little boy was diagnosed with Trisomy-13, a fatal disorder.  He had numerous other complications.   He could be born, but the parents were told that he would not under any circumstances live long.  This was not a situation where a miracle would occur and somehow the baby would live a long and normal life – this baby would not last but a few days.  The couple was offered to abort little Thomas.  They chose life.

Watch the video at the Dallas Morning News site.  It is incredibly intimate, and moving beyond words.  You will likely want a box of tissues nearby.  This is not easy.

My own son was likely born around the same time as Thomas.  God in His Goodness made our Benedict perfect, but even if he were not, even if he had the same problems as this little Thomas, or worse, my wife and I would have spent whatever time God allowed us to have with him in joy and sorrow.  The noted Catholic composer Eric Genuis went through a similar experience – his little son Joseph died very shortly after birth.  He recorded this song to capture with an artist’s feel this unexplainable experience:

Mary and Joseph cradle you forever.  Life is a gift.  We can’t demand the circumstances under which we will accept that gift from the very Creator that made us.  Even a few minutes with a child utterly changes a person.  God bless little Thomas, and Joseph, and all the parents who suffer such a cross to bear. 

And I pray for the parents that didn’t choose life, no matter the circumstances.  I pray for their heartbreak and their conversion.

UPDATE: I utterly lost it when the couple, who should have been buying baby clothes and planning a shower, were instead picking out caskets.  I can’t imagine watching this and not crying.

O Iesu in sanctissimo Sacramento, miserere nobis

Planned Parenthood gearing up for massive expansion of abortion under Obamacare April 29, 2010

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Planned Parenthood is gearing up for a massive expansion of abortion centers now that Obamacare has passed. 

Wow, I’m flabbergasted.  No one in the pro-life movement EVER saw this coming! 

Once the Stupak language was taken out, Planned Parenthood made a couple of very softly worded statements regarding the ‘executive order’ barring abortion funding through Obama’s health insurance gambit.  Their actions were coordinated with the White House to provide political cover, to try to make it look like the executive order actually has some teeth.  It doesn’t.  Unless a massive shift occurs in Congress in 2010, and Obama is defeated in 2012, so that the ‘health insurance generational robbery act of 2010’ is repealed, we will witness the largest increases in abortion seen in this country since the 1970’s.  Guess who made that possible?  C’mon, guess! 

You know who.  Keehan, CHA, and a bunch of heterodox ‘sisters.’  The best you can say about these people, who were absolutely critical in swinging the final ‘pro-life democrat’ holdouts to support this disaster, is that they let their incredible desire to see a major part of the socialist political agenda enacted blind them to the realities of Obamacare.  At worst, they were cynical apparatchiks that didn’t care what else came out of Obamacare, so long as we got well down the road to socialized medicine.  It is known that many of the nuns who signed the letter supporting Obamacare in fact support ‘a woman’s right to choose’, so you can draw your own conclusions.

Two more bishops stop funding CCHD April 29, 2010

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From lifesitenews via culturewarnotes, two more bishops have decided to no longer take a collection for CCHD and to instead take collection for diocesan charitable efforts.  These bishops are both in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and Altoona, so I have to wonder if there isn’t some connection with the recent announcement by the bishop of Greensburg, PA to also stop funding CCHD.  Interestingly, one of the directors of CCHD activities for the USCCB is the archbishop of Pittsburg, who has apparently been leading efforts to help ‘reform’ CCHD.  From the lifesite article, it appears as if we are going to be disappointed again – the reform will be minimal, and will focus on trusting grant recipients to not fund causes antithetical to Catholic belief.

Because that’s worked so well in the past.