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Planned Parenthood gearing up for massive expansion of abortion under Obamacare April 29, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, General Catholic, scandals.

Planned Parenthood is gearing up for a massive expansion of abortion centers now that Obamacare has passed. 

Wow, I’m flabbergasted.  No one in the pro-life movement EVER saw this coming! 

Once the Stupak language was taken out, Planned Parenthood made a couple of very softly worded statements regarding the ‘executive order’ barring abortion funding through Obama’s health insurance gambit.  Their actions were coordinated with the White House to provide political cover, to try to make it look like the executive order actually has some teeth.  It doesn’t.  Unless a massive shift occurs in Congress in 2010, and Obama is defeated in 2012, so that the ‘health insurance generational robbery act of 2010’ is repealed, we will witness the largest increases in abortion seen in this country since the 1970’s.  Guess who made that possible?  C’mon, guess! 

You know who.  Keehan, CHA, and a bunch of heterodox ‘sisters.’  The best you can say about these people, who were absolutely critical in swinging the final ‘pro-life democrat’ holdouts to support this disaster, is that they let their incredible desire to see a major part of the socialist political agenda enacted blind them to the realities of Obamacare.  At worst, they were cynical apparatchiks that didn’t care what else came out of Obamacare, so long as we got well down the road to socialized medicine.  It is known that many of the nuns who signed the letter supporting Obamacare in fact support ‘a woman’s right to choose’, so you can draw your own conclusions.

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