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The consequences of the contraceptive/abortive mentality May 3, 2010

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A man named Brian Gail has written a book called ‘Fatherless,’ a novel about Catholics struggling to live out their call to holiness and leading a priest to become more holy in the process. This sounds like a fantastic book, the reviews on Amazon were very positive.  Mr. Gail has apparently given some talks, and, boy howdy, are they scary.   In the talk, he gives some statistics on the effects the easy come  easy go sexualization of our culture that the contraceptive/abortive mentality has led to:

All these statistics are shocking.  The number of children per Catholic family has fallen from 5.5 in the mid 60’s to 2.1 today.  Good Lord.  That helps explain about 2/3 of the lost vocations – we’ve lost 2/3 of our candidates. 

We’re in a fight for the soul of the culture, for Western Civilization, and we have been losing badly for some time.  The world is the slave to its master, the devil.  The Church can never succeed by trying to placate, or appease, the world.  The Church and the world are diametric opposites.  But too many in the Church want to try to come to some kind of accomodation with the world, or out and out have lost faith and want the Church to bend to the world’s will.  This is not the mission of the Church.  This is not what Christ called for us to do when He instructed us to take up our Cross and follow Him.

Will we do it?  Will we as Catholics start to really live our Faith in such a way that we make clear to the world the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church?  Or will we try to hide away, only being ‘faithful’ for an hour on Sunday, or even every day, when we are at Mass?  Will we continue to allow the world to try to push our Catholic Faith into just one of many ‘lifestyle’ choices, or will we stand strong and proclaim to the world our Catholic identity and the Gospels?  Will we stop letting the world, our friends and neighbors and family convince us that ‘everyone’ is using the pill, everyone has 2.1 kids, everyone plans every pregnancy?  Will we let the world tell us the Church is corrupt and has no moral authority?  Will we let the world tell us that gays have every right to ‘marry’ as much as heterosexuals do?

Not me!  Forget that.  I’ve been insulted and reviled because of my six kids, because of my witness, and I don’t care.  In actuality, it’s a great grace God has given me, and my wife, to suffer insults for His Glory.  But in truth, I’m lazy, I don’t do nearly enough.  I must, we must, do more, to live our faith and proclaim Christ’s Truth and to bring the world back from the edge of the abyss. 

My friend John B. sent me this video.  This weekend, instead of going to the Mass of Reparations at the Carmelite Chapel, we went to pray outside an abortion mill.  John B. and my kids got a save, they helped convince a young black woman and her parents not to get an abortion.  My kids had a big part – the mother of the girl seeking an abortion did not have any grandkids and saw my kids and it touched her.  Sometimes just living our Christian witness is enough. 

Another video of Mr. Gail below.  Would any of you, in your charity, consider taking on extra efforts to try to live and witness to our great Faith?  I pray we all may be moved to greater actions.  May God’s Will be done.

Dominus vobiscum!

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