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Video of Ordination of Bishops Seitz, Deshotel May 3, 2010

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I missed the Installation Mass Ordination for our new coadjutor Bishops in Dallas, Bishops Mark Seitz and Doug Deshotel due to work.  I had been told by a reliable source that I missed quite an impressive Mass.  There is a video of the Mass available here.   The actual Mass does not start until about the 35 minute mark of the video – prior to that is some history on the lives of our two new bishops and a keg stand contest between our now three bishops.   I made that last part up. 

So many seminarians, deacons, priests, and bishops in attendance.  How amazing.  The entrance alone took 15 minutes.  I wish the sound didn’t favor the trumpet quite so much.  Still, a nice, traditional organ-driven entrance hymn.   The Kyrie was very nice – it was Chant!  And a sung Gospel.  And a censer swinging that thurible like he meant it.  The Credo in Latin.  I think my source was right – this is as beautiful a Mass as has been celebrated in the last several decades at the Cathedral. 

Congratulations to Bishops Seitz and Deshotel.  May God bless them, their new apostolate, and the Dallas Diocese greatly, and may their efforts help this diocese grow greatly in reverence, piety, and orthodoxy.

UPDATE:  Fr. Smith of St. Mark kindly pointed out I had used incorrect terminology in my original post title. I had said ‘installation Mass,’ which is not correct, as Seitz and Deshotel were ordained as bishops, not just installed.

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