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Fr. Larry on Ad Orientem May 4, 2010

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I think Ad Orientem, or the priest and people all facing the same direction during certain parts of the Mass, is going to become more the norm in the future.  Fr. Larry reflects on ad orientem and versus populum, where the priest faces the people.  It’s kind of a long post and I’m short on time, but you should go to his blog and check it out.  Fr. Larry also has numerous homilies on Catholic moral teaching that are well worth your time.

Brain mush May 4, 2010

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I’ve got to hand it to Larry D at Acts of the Apostasy, he has a way with words.  In describing the US Catholic, Distorter, and America, he says:

The US Catholic continues to give the National Catholic Distorter and America a run for their money for the title of Greatest Waste of Heterodox Ink. It’s a veritable race to the bottom

The US Catholic article in question discussed Archbishop Myer of Newark questioning whether Seton Hall should allow a radical gay rights activist to teach a course on ‘gay marriage.’  This same professor has said the Church is homophobic and it’s position on homosexuality is ‘laughable.’  The US Catholic author states in conclusion:

“Though I’m not sure the Bible condemns “homosexuality,” I think it can be argued that certain passages condemn sexual activity between members of the same sex (along with a host of other behaviors between unmarried men and women); the issue is whether modern Christian are bound by those verses.”

Well, yes,not only does the Bible condemn homosexuality as it is lived by most gays, that is, out and proud, engaging in illicit sex, and demanding society not only tolerate, but rapturously glorify gayness, but so does the Church.  There’s this thing called the Catechism.  It’s this compendium of things Catholics are required to understand and believe in the Faith.  Catechism 2357-2359 specifically address homosexuality, and state that homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity and contrary to the natural law.  Scripture and Sacred Tradition are clear on these points – homosexual acts have always been viewed as a grave sin. 

Either the US Catholic author is very poorly formed, or is engaging in a ‘struggle of the soul’ in his post.  If the latter, he knows what the Church teaches, but his politically correct sensitivities conflict with that teaching, and so we’re left reading some kind of half-processed brain mush that not only makes no sense but sounds silly. 

The problem is, alot of people read US Catholic.  And alot of people are like that author – they either don’t know, and don’t want to know, the clear doctrine of the Church, or they know it and can not, will not, accept it. 

Look on it this way – you should never have a shortage of prayer intentions.

An abstract linking homosexuality to pedophilia May 4, 2010

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In previous posts on the recently drug up sex abuse scandals afflicting the Church, I’ve debated with some pro-homosexual agenda individuals who have stated that there are vast reams of data showing no link between homosexuality and pedophilia.   This is a bit like the ‘global scientific consensus’ on anthropogenic global warming global cooling climate change – there is nothing of the sort, and, in fact, there is evidence of one side, climate change proponents, if you will, blackballing and intimidating dissenting opinions. 

A new abstract argues just that.  Put togerther by Dr. Brian Clowes of Human Life International, this study shows ample evidence of links between homosexuality and pedophilia, or, more precisely, ephebophilia, which is a desire for boys aged 11-16 or so.  This study reveals several interesting facts – one, homosexual priests are dozens of times more likely to commit sexual abuse than heterosexual priests.   Secondly, the single strongest preference shown by a large sample of gay men was for men aged 15-20 – that is to say, when given a bunch of pics of men of varying ages, a large majority of gay men are most aroused by young boys.  This is such a common thing in gay culture, that there is a name for these young boys – ‘twinks,’ and lusting after twinks is sufficiently common to have led to numerous websites and porn mags specializing in this kind of target subject.  Third, numerous gay leaders have not only admitted this predeliction towards ephebophilia, but have argued that this lust is ‘natural’ and have lobbied to have age restrictions on man/boy love removed.  They even go so far as to state that in many cases the children initiate these rapacious relationships.  If that line of reasoning sounds familiar, it’s because a number of pedophile priests have used this same argument themselves – the kid came onto me!   I think any parent can recognize just how insane this sad type of rationalization is. 

We’re all born with a great burden, but also a great gift.  We’re born with the burden of original sin, and while our baptism removes that sin, humanity still exists with a fallen, deformed nature that predisposes us towards sin.  But, we also have the gift of the word of God, the Truth, written on our hearts.  So while some of us may struggle with a predisposition towards craving altered states of conciousness through drug or alcohol use, and others towards lust, and still others towards avarice, we all also have an innate sense of the rightness and wrongness of our acts.  Those who try to remain in a state of grace and to follow the infallible Word revealed through Christ’s Church to their best ability, those who make a regular practice of the cardinal and theological virtues, have a better developed type of this sense, but all of us have it to at least some degree.  And so, many people seem to recognize that there must be a link between homosexuality and pedophilia, because our innate sense tells us this.  And now, increasing evidence seems to bear this innate sense out. 

None of this is to say that we should castigate or demonize homosexuals.  But what it does say is that the Church is right – those who are either actively homosexual, or who have a strong, difficult to control predisposition towards those types of acts, have no place in the priesthood.  Some may say, get ready to lose 10, or 20, or whatever percent of your priests.  So be it, I’m afraid.  The Church cannot suffer through a fresh round of scandals.  We cannot go through another period, like it apparently was from the mid-60’s to the mid-80’s to quote one bishop in the study, where we had ordained priests engaged in active homosexual relationships.  Such relationships were a horrid violation of the solemn vows every priest takes, on a number of fronts.  Is it any wonder so many of our liturgical, theological, and moral teachings became so utterly corrupted during that time frame? 

I’m sure some will stomp their feet and cross their arms and tell me I’m wrong.  The evidence presented in the abstract is of numerous case studies supporting the notion that homosexuality and pedophilia are strongly linked.

Fr. Christopher Phillips on ‘The Journey Home’ May 4, 2010

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I think Fr. Phillips is an excellent spokesman for the new Anglican Ordinariate.  I did not know things were quite so rough when he started Atonement Parish in San Antonio! 

This program is worth a listen.  Anglicanorum Coetibus is going to be a huge blessing for the Church – we must all offer prayers and thanksgiving for Pope Benedict.  He has done more for ecumenism that any Pope in hundreds of years.  And he’s reviled……what a joke. 

Awesome video! May 4, 2010

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Wow, watch this video!  Via Fr. Cargo and Fallible Blogma, comes a Youtube effort by a composer that took dozens of individual videos sent to him and composed them into a beautiful, aria-like hymn.  People from 12 countries helped form this video.  Are we witnessing a new form of art?  What do you think of this?  Me…..I like Latin!

Here’s another:

A birthday treat May 4, 2010

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I have three daughters that have the same birthday.  J was born first, but on her 3rd birthday, we got a surprise, twins born 6 weeks early.  J was rather nonplussed during the event, we had a very special birthday planned for her but she had to settle for her train cake and grandma’s house.  She’s ok with sharing her birthday now……..I think.

Irrespective of the history, my man Fr. Cargo took the time to give my girls a special birthday blessing today.  That was very much appreciated.   I know they’ll remember this particular birthday. 

Thanks, Fr. Cargo.