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Two great videos May 12, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Society.

If you’ve never seen Bill Whittle in action, you’ve been missing out.   He does videos about weekly for Pajamas Media’s PJTV, and most are absolute gems.  Sure, he might be a right wing knuckle dragging neanderthal – but he’s a captivating speaker and has a true sense of what makes America great.  When he gets going, he can be inspirational.  He’s one reason I blog today. 

Unfortunately, PJTV does not allow embedding of their videos, so you’ll have to go to the links below.  The first video is really good, it takes apart the biases of the self-annointed ‘cultural elites’ and looks at how they are placing themselves in grave jeopardy.  It’s a bit partisan, I suppose, but the core message is not.  There is a wide and growing divergence between the elites and the ‘regular people’ in this country.

The 2nd video continues this theme, but is far more heartfelt.  If you can watch this without being moved, you’re a harder person than I am.

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