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Priests moving around May 17, 2010

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It’s late spring, the traditional time for priests to be retire or get reassigned.  I don’t always like the idea of moving a priest around from parish to parish every few years, but the shortage of priests in the Dallas area make it necessary.  Msgr. Don Fischer of St. Joseph in Richardson will be retiring from active minstry on Pentecost Sunday and will be replaced by Fr. Doug Deshotel, and Fr. Jim Balint of Prince of Peace will be retiring this month, as well (replaced by Fr. Thomas Cloherty).   Both of these priests are perhaps known for the novelty of some of their beliefs and practices.  They should be thanked for their long service to the Church and the diocese, and pray for their continued growth in faith and conversion.

On a personally sad note, Fr. Jason Cargo will be moving from St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Plano to St. Monica’s in Dallas.  Fr. Cargo has been at Seton for 3 years, and he will be greatly missed, most of all by all the homeschool parents who had worked with him.  The Plano area Roman Catholic homeschool group has been able to hold group co-op classes on Friday’s at St. Elizabeth Seton thanks to pastor Fr. Henry Petter’s kind support, but most often it was Fr. Cargo who celebrated Mass during the co-op school sessions.  Fr. Cargo is a very impressive young priest, and we pray that he and his apostolate will continue to be abundantly blessed.   St. Elizabeth will be gaining a young man to be ordained June 5. 

Bishop Mark Seitz will be the new pastor at All Saints in Dallas, and Fr. Bob Coerver is moving over to St. Rita’s

Fr. Ciro Q. Jaimes, parochial vicar at St. Mark in Plano will be returning to the Domican order from which he hails.  He will be replaced by the other young man being ordained in early June.  My family and I have assisted at a number of Masses celebrated by Fr. James.  We pray for his continued blessing, as well. 

Finally, Fr. Robert Crisp has resigned from Sacred Heart parish in Rowlett  and is taking a 6 month leave of absence for personal reasons.   No replacement has yet been named, to my knowledge.   We pray for Fr. Crisp’s healing and conversion and that he may find greater peace.

Let us pray for all our priests, and for many more vocations!

UPDATE – Fr. Cliff Smith at St. Mark helped me to fill out some of the above.  His help is appreciated.

I didn’t want to post on this May 17, 2010

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Ufff, I hate this.  I started seeing these videos last Wednesday, and they make me want to throw up.  I didn’t want to put them on my blog, but I will, because the excuse that ‘oh, this was a one time thing and taken out of context’ is complete BS.  What am I ranting about?  Little girls, my daughter’s age, prancing around like painted face hussies – and that is being charitable.

When this video broke last week, the parents said ‘you don’t understand, this is theat-uh’, or that ‘this was for a specific contest, they don’t normally wear this, this is taken out of context,’ etc., etc.,.  Oh, really?  Not so much……..

That is awful.  I can’t imagine my daughters being dressed like this.  And they’ve been in dance for the last 7 years or so.  They’ve never dressed like this, and if they were asked to, we’d find a new dance instructor.  Give me a break – not only is the dress inappropriate, but they’re making plainly sexual dance moves and the only thing missing from their routine is the obligatory stripper’s pole.  I’d never let my kids out in public dressed like that – no, not even to a beach or swimming pool.  My daughter’s dress beautifully, and have too  much self-respect to go strutting around like so many people today. 

We live in an incredibly schizophrenic society.  At the same time as states are passing laws demanding children up to 8 years old be in car seats, and some are advocating that these seats face the rear, and for “safety seats” up to 16(!!), we dress up our children like slatterns and have them prance around stage.  At the same time as society puts full body armor on a kid out riding a skateboard, we have 4 year olds fulfilling mom’s need for adulation by being “beauty pageant” contestants.   We have a society that tries to both infantilize children and hyper-sexualize them at the same time.  That’s an unhealthy combination – it leads to a sexual atmosphere of no-consequences that encourages acting out and is a factor in teen pregnancy rates. 

These little girls are being taught, intentionally or not, that displaying their sexual nature (9 year olds!!)  in a very graphic manner for all the world to see is a positive good.  It’s inherent in the few clothes they wear and the nature of the routine – gallavanting about provacatively in your underwear, when you’re a little child, is a good thing.  Go do it!  

Now, there is alot of outrage about this.  The parents are being questioned publically about their allowing this to happen.  Depending on the source, this righteous indignation could be either well placed or hypocritical.  I’m sure there are people upset about this who don’t think twice about their daughter dressing provacatively – after all, it is the style.  There are alot of parents who may let their kids see movies or TV shows featuring very graphic sexuality.  When a society has become as overly sexualized as ours has, there is alot of culpability to go around.  This isn’t some bizaare outlier, and while seeing this is horrifying to many, alot of those horrified people will think nothing of their visiting some porn site later in the day, or themselves wearing those spike heels and ultra short mini.  Our entire society over the last several decades has oriented itself towards a sexual self-indulgence not seen since…..I don’t know when, Rome?  

If we don’t like seeing things like this, we all need to take a look at the TV shows we watch, the movie stars we favor, the clothes we wear, the music idols we see, everything.  I’m sure these parents aren’t freaks, they just happen to be a group that has made either a uniquely poor judgement, or there is alot more of this going on that we haven’t seen yet.  The problem is the culture itself – when stiff necked repressed no-fun religious types like me have warned over the years that allowing a few sexual excesses here and there will create a culture of sexual permissiveness and self-indulgence, the general response has been a thumb of the nose, and a notion that religious types or social ‘conservatives’ are anachronisms that just don’t get it.  Perhaps.  But perhaps we should all look in the mirror, for if we continue to allow such a hyper-sexualized culture, it won’t be long before we see far, far worse on our youtube players.

Amidst all the gloom, the Church is still Beauty May 17, 2010

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Amidst a fresh round of attacks on the Church over the weekend in that ever-reliable bastion of anti-Catholicism, the New York Times, some may grow discouraged at times and begin to feel that the Church is suffering under attacks from which it may not be able to recover.  That is not the case.  The present persecutions, while very noisy, can be taken as a sign of the Church’s massive strength and influence.  Those who hate the Church for its vision of Charity and Truth may score points on the Church from time to time, but they will never ‘win.’  God’s eternal Church, The Body of Christ, will always prevail.  Christ has so ordained it.

And so, amid all the attacks and constant negativism, amid attempts to visualize the Church as a giant corporation with the Pope as CEO, the better to open up vast new resources for exploitation by contingency fee (60%) plaintiff’s attorney’s, the Church goes on.  Something very beautiful occurred over the weekend at St. Patrick’s Oratory in Kansas City.  Several Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles made their solemn professions of vows.  Kansas City Catholic has many photos from the event.   Their community, residing at the Priory of Ephesus, is a growing, orthodox order of cloistered Benedictines, who, it so happens, also have recorded some gorgeous music.   Their Christmas at Ephesus CD is just fantastic. 

It was a very orthodox event.  Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City, MO, celebrated the Mass, and there were birettas and cassocks abounding, which makes my heart glow 🙂

But what really makes my heart glow is the sight of young women giving themselves totally to Christ.  There is something in a nun, something hard to put into words, that just exudes their dedication and love of Christ.  When I am around nuns, cloistered nuns, I feel at peace.   That was one of the best things about being at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL – the peace and serenity of the nuns and the whole place.  It is such a welcome respite from our increasingly hectic, fractured world.

These women are Christ’s new brides, betrothed to him forever. 

Those who hate the Church can flail and beat themselves to the point of breathless exhaustion against the wall of Faith, but the Church will go on as it always has.  They will wonder how anyone can still be a Catholic after their well orchestrated efforts to show the Church as they see it – a corrupt, sinful, deceitful institution.  Their attacks reveal who and what they are.  They don’t reveal what the Church is – they can’t even comprehend it.  These wonderful women do. 

Pray God that we may see similar such events at our own local monastic communities. 

As an aside for traddies like me, notice the Extraordinary Form Mass  and white gloves on Bishop Finn.  I have a great deal of respect for Bishop Finn.  10 postulants making final vows!  What a grace!

Thanks to Kansas City Catholic for the pictures.  Go and see many more there.