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Are most American Catholics actually Protestants? May 18, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, Latin Mass.

Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV makes the case:

It does disturb me when Amazing Grace is sung in a Catholic Church.  And I think his case is pretty well made.  It is increasingly difficult to find a visible ‘Catholic identity’ anymore – the Body of Christ has been subsumed by the larger culture.  This is something Pope Benedict has been fighting against throughout his pontificate – we need to grow our Catholic identity, and that starts with the Sacred Liturgy.  That’s why the resurgence of Latin Mass is very important – it is a visible, outward symbol or our inner identity as Catholics.  That’s why adoration, devotionals, novenas, statuary, churches designed with a reserved sanctuary  – these are all key identifiers of our Catholic faith. 

The Church tried very hard with Vatican II to accomplish a great ecumenical goal, and it failed.  The protestants had no real interest in unity, and the Church was badly hurt by all the sudden changes and experimentation.

We need to get back to being Roman Catholics.


1. Teresa - May 18, 2010

My husband and I listened to this video earlier and while we agree with the primary assertion about Catholics being like Protestants, we disagree about what he says about the song, ‘Amazing Grace’. It seems to us that in the song, the author is referring to himself and not everyone. But, in any case, I do agree that a majority of American Catholics are actually, or very similar to Prostants.

tantamergo - May 19, 2010

Teresa –

I thought using Amazing Grace being sung in Catholic Churches may not have been the best choice. Any song from Marty Haugen would have been better. I still don’t like Amazing Grace, or the old negro spirituals that are sometimes sung ‘for fun,’ – they are PROTESTANT! I didn’t leave a protestant sect to go have protestant liturgy and music in the Catholic Church.

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