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You might have a big family if: May 18, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, General Catholic.

Funny!  Eric Sammons penned these funnies concerning what used to be very common, large Catholic families [with  my comments]:

You might have a big family if…

1) You don’t park your van, you dock it. [not a van, but Suburban.  We can have one more kid before we max it out].

2) When you go out for a family walk in the neighborhood, you need a traffic cop.


5) You have been asked hundreds of times, “don’t you know how they are made?” [at least hundreds of times, and most disturbingly, by fellow Catholics]

6) There is nothing “mini” about your van. [see post 1]

7) You are constantly asked the name of the day care you run when you go out.

8) You don’t have a shoe rack in your house, but instead a shoe room. [Lord, in my house, with my wife and kids, it’s a shoe house]


10) You have grandchildren older than some of your own children  [not yet, but whatever God wills]

Those are pretty good.  Speaking of big families, my wife comes from a family with 9 kids (plus two waiting in heaven).  Her father has 62 grandkids and 3 great grand kids.  I love taking uptight waspy types to their frequent family gatherings.

h/t http://www.creativeminorityreport.com/

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