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A debate on women veiling at Mass May 20, 2010

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One of the first posts I did on this blog was about women veiling at Mass.   I had few readers then, so I did not get too many topics.  However, there is a major debate going on over at the blog of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (of all places!) concerning veiling.   The post is very fair minded, and offers many reasons for why this practice used to be very common.  You should read the comments, too – for the most part, people are being reasonable in the discussion. 

My wife and older daughters have worn veils now for a few years.  They really feel it benefits them and shows a humility before God.  This was their decision, as well – I had no role in that other than to say I thought it was great.  I see a few more people wearing them now than I did when they started.  If you’ve thought about wearing a veil, you will probably find the discussion linked above interesting.

UPDATE: Another thought along these lines.  This is about how to dress at Mass.  First, way waaaay too many people dress way to casual at Mass.  This is Christ, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity you are receiving!  But, for the ladies, a modest request.  This probably won’t apply to the vast majority of the three women who read my blog, BUT…..can we please not wear the same dress we wore to the club on Friday night, which is not much more than a tube top stretched to barely cover the essentials, to Mass?  Such dress is not just inappropriate, but it’s an actual incitement to sin.  I’m sorry to say, this is a much bigger problem for women than for men.  I don’t often see men dress provocatively at Mass.   Dressed way too casually, yes, but rarely provocatively.

Flame on.

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