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When you get so far as to ordain an active lesbian as a ‘bishop’….. May 20, 2010

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……pretty much anything else is up for grabs.  Meet modern progressive ‘episcopal’ worship – with loads of mudder earth, paganism, native american shamans, ancestor worship (shinto?), and, of course, the grand-goddess-mother of them all, liturgical dance!

Click here for the “canonization” of Mary Glasspool, Bishop, Episcopal Church USA. 

How many mentions of Jesus Christ in the first part?  If you play the ‘Jesus’ drinking game, you won’t even get a buzz.

Are episcopalians so unsure of their Christianity that they have to use Native Americans in some kind of uber PC, progressive way to establish credentials, to prove their authenticity?  How in God’s name is this to be construed as a Christian ordination?

Well, it does get very slightly better in the later parts.

UPDATE: Contrast this with the very well done ordinations in Dallas recently.  There is no comparison.

UPDATE II: My goodness, if you have the stomach and patience (I’ve been skipping ahead ALOT), watch some of part II.  A query, and a serious one – will the Episcopal Church USA, such as it is and whatever is left of it, become a sect dominated by women leadership?  Look at the people on the stage – they are 80% or more women, all ‘ordained’ reverends or bishops.  That could have, ahhh….interesting…..ahhh…….ramifications.


1. TravelerWithChrist - May 21, 2010

I don’t understand why these ‘native’ women are incensing and blessing? the male bishop!! All this native and tribal PC nonsense. Then the female priestess or bishopess wearing the white collar – looks like a dog collar singing, not a religious song… ugh… I was always told that Anglicans/Episcopalians’ celebrations were somewhat similar to Catholics’.
This so-called ordination is nothing but a show, a bad one at that. Enough, I can’t even watch any more.

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