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Why I’m not longer a Knight May 21, 2010

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I used to be in the Knights of Columbus.  I’m still a member, because I got guilted into paying dues for this year, but I’m not active anymore.  At one time, I was quite active, but I lost interest several years ago for a variety of reasons.  While the individual council I belonged to had many fine men and did a great deal of good work, I didn’t feel doing group charitable work was my calling.  Plus, the drinking at the council meetings wasn’t the best environment for an alcoholic/addict like me.  A few years ago I started teaching apologetics, and I feel like this is far more my calling – defending the Faith, exhorting the faithful, and working to provide a stronger knowledge of the Faith among Catholics and non-Catholics.  This motivates me  – grilling hot dogs for the altar server’s dinner does not.

There’s another reason.  There are many pro-abort politicians and other public figures who are allowed to remain Knights in good standing, even though they support something the Knight’s are supposed to be strongly opposed to.  Recently, some individual KoC councils have tried to remove these types of men from the Knights, men like our Vice President, and the Knight’s highest leadership has refused to allow them to do so.   According to Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture, the reasoning given by the Knights is that these men have not been excommunicated by their bishops, so why should the Knights remove them from their organization?  Wouldn’t that be……wait for it……inappropriate

Lawler points out that this excuse is nonsense.  The Knight’s aren’t excommunicating anyone, they haven’t the ability to do so.  The Knight’s are a private group who can let in and exclude whomever they wish.  In fact, when a man’s conduct is such that he no longer hold’s true the core beliefs of the Knights, that a man should defend his family and be the strong, faithful leader of same, he is no longer to be considered a member in good standing.  Any man who advocates abortion would seem to be failing in these roles. 

As I said at the top, I know many good men in the Knight’s, and they do alot of good work.  But the senior leadership of the Knight’s appears to be playing a political game here – they don’t want to attract the ire of those politicians who use their membership in the Knight’s to try to sell their ‘wholesome’ image.  But, the senior leadership should recognize that allowing the membership of these types of people to stand will do harm to the organization.  It’s difficult to see the Knight’s as being serious about their professed beliefs when they include high profile members who act counter to those beliefs at every turn.

UPDATE: Thomas Peter’s adds his sentiments at Catholic Vote Action.  I’ll expand a little on where Peters is going – I don’t think the KoC have been well served by Carl Anderson as Supreme Knight.  Unlike alot of Knight’s, I actually read their monthly magazine Columbia, and many of Anderson’s comments therein have disturbed me.  He appears to be trying to take the Knight’s in the direction of many charitable organizations, towards a more leftist agenda than many KoC members would be comfortable with.