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More on the Knights May 24, 2010

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One thing that my blog has made me disturbingly aware of, is that many organizations and individuals emply bots to search the Internet for any reference to their names.  They can then go pounce on whatever coverage or discussion of them that they fell is negative.  That’s certainly their right, but it strikes me as paranoid.  It also strikes me as an attempt to shut down debate, which I hate more than just about anything. 

So, along that line, my little bloggie, my sweet, sweet li’l bloggie, got a press release from the Knight’s VP of Communications Patrick Korten.  It’s attached to my previous post.   The press release itself is quite stunning – the entire construct is a logical fallacy full of shroud waving, finger pointing, and a great big straw man at the end.  After wasting 95% of the press release explaining repeatedly what a great, pro-life organization the KoC is (which, ok, they generally are), they finally get to the meat of it:

There are those who believe that our time, resources and energy could be better spent hunting down a handful of members who constitute the rare exception. We disagree.

This is a complete misrepresentation of the situation.  Notice the words used – ‘hunting down.’  They are trying to create an impression of a witch hunt.  This is completely false.  I wrote earlier in response to the press release:

No one is advocating ‘hunting down’ members – what was requested, by individual councils, was to discipline high-profile members that are visibly misrepresenting the Catholic faith, or taking stances on important issues opposed to the doctrine of the faith. The senior leadership of the Knights have taken positive action from allowing councils to remove such members. Now, I am a Knight, and I know that Councils are supposed to have the ability to determine who, and who will not, be members. But, apparently, the Knights have two sets of rules – Joe Schmo, married father of 2, can get run out of a council for knocking up his girlfriend, but Joe Biden gets to remain a Knight in good standing in spite of being pro-abort, and repeatedly misrepresenting Church doctrine on life issues.

This situation is nothing but a negative for the Knights.  It is hurting them amongst their strongest supporters, the pro-life portion of the Catholic Church (how ridiculous to even have to make such a distinction).  

Michael Voris has more:

UPDATE: Fr. Christopher Phillips comments.

An article on the new Mass translation in The Australian May 24, 2010

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Australians and Americans have a number of commonalities.  While they are unfortunately much further down the road to socialist dystopia than the United States (but with Obama, we’re racing to catch them), they have retained a certain pioneer spirit and are known for their directness.  Such is evidenced here, in an article from The Australian on the new English Mass translations that will be released, prayerfully, sometime next year.   There are many reasons for the new Mass translation – to more accurately reflect the 2002 Latin Missale Romanum, to communicate ideas about the Faith more clearly, and to replace the sometimes banal language of the present translation with a transcendent use of English that reflects the fact that we are doing something very special in the Mass – worshiping God, our Creator.   But the Australian author is a bit more direct, witness:

A NEW translation of the mass soon to be celebrated by more than 100 million English-speaking Catholics reaches back to church tradition, replacing the more colloquial and dumbed-down liturgy that was adopted by the Vatican 40 years ago.

‘Dumbed down?’  Doesn’t that seem strong.  Well, witness this: “In 1966, for example, an article in a prominent Jesuit magazine in the US called for Catholic worship to employ ‘the language of the Beatles’.”  I am certain this is referring to America Magazine, that bastion of progressive Jesuits.  I think it is hard for someone like me, born after the fact, to realize just how nutty things got in the late 60’s early 70’s timeframe.  Alot of people really thought mankind had turned some kind of corner, that we were on the cusp of an age of technology solving all problems and that, through education, men were just now somehow fundamentally different from everything that came before.  Thus, people in the pews didn’t need this exalted language or a liturgy focused on God – they ‘knew’ the liturgy was focused on God and wanted language that was hip with the times. 

Unfortunately, that view was very mistaken.  Men haven’t changed – if anything, our technological and dislocated society increases the need for the transcendent, not decreases it.   While technology continues to advance, in some ways, human culture, especially Western culture, can be viewed as having been in a retrograde motion for the past several decades, with moral standards held for centuries collapsing around us.  The Church needs to stand apart as a beacon of Truth and right reason from this enveloping morass.  The Liturgy defines so much what the Church is – the Mass, the Eucharist, is the source and summit of our Faith, and it centrally defines our relationship with God.  Should we not use very special language to communicate to God, and to ourselves, that the Mass is a unique endeavour oriented towards worshipping Him that made us? 

I cannot wait for the new translation to be implemented.  I also am eagerly awaiting formation efforts to foster the implementation of this Mass – I will report on these as soon as they become available.

Dallas Morning News covers Fr. Crisp Resignation May 24, 2010

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I discussed last week the resignation of Fr. Robert Crisp from Sacred Heart parish in Rowlett.  Over the weekend, the Dallas Morning News ran a story covering this topic.   A few things – the DMN article did not have much additional information concerning the resignation of Fr. Crisp, except to say that a police investigation was ongoing.  I had spoken with the Rowlett police last week, and they did not give me this indication – I understood the case to be closed.  Secondly, read the comments at the Dallas News site.  If some of the comments at the Dallas News site are to be believed, this is not Fr. Crisp’s first time to have problems at a parish.  I have been told on background similar things as reported in the comments, that there have been allegations about Fr. Crisp in the past.  There is more, but I cannot say due to confidentiality.  Third – I hope and pray the diocese and Fr. Crisp will strongly consider what is truly best for the Church with regard to his future ministry.  Based on some things I’ve been told, I am concerned that there may be a pattern here, if not of outright abuse, at least of a priest having consistent problems with being too familiar with female parishioners.  Yes, I know the diocese is desperately short of priests, and I know that we should be charitable and understand that a truly penitent heart should not be punished unnecessarily, but given the environment right now, I have to wonder if Fr. Crisp returning to active ministry is not an unnecessary risk?