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ACLU attacks Parker County sheriff for not driving inmate for abortion May 25, 2010

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Wow, this is incredible, and many pro-lifeers assumed this would occur in the wake of the passage of Obamacare.  Lifesitenews is reporting that a sherrif in Parker County, a lovely place immediately west of Tarrant County/Ft. Worth, is being threatened with legal action by the ACLU for refusing to drive a female inmate at the jail to an abortuary to have her child killed.   ACLU is claiming that the sherrif violated her ‘constitutional “right” to an abortion by refusing to transport her to an abortion clinic.’ 

You see…now there is a constitutional ‘right’ to have an abortion!  ACLU is arguing that a previous court ruling in Arizona stated that female prison inmates have a constitutional right to have an abortion, and so this woman in Parker County should have the same rights. 

The way federal law works, is that once a benefit is provided to some group, it is very easy to argue that benefit should apply to all, and, furthermore, constitutes a ‘right.’  This is one of the very insidious aspects of Obamacare and abortion – by providing federal funding for this horrid “service,” leftist lawyers will be able to argue that there is a fundamental ‘right’ to abortion.  Thus, Obamacare providing funding for abortion is a fact so loved by abortion supporters, because it is the vehicle by which they will permanently enshrine abortion as a woman’s “right.”  Interestingly, fathers are not allowed to enter into the picture and dispute these decisions.

There are some who argue that we should not try to outlaw abortion, but that we should work to change hearts so that demand for abortion evaporates.  While laudable and certainly something we should all focus much energy on, this idea misses the point.  Unfortunately, people will sin – by contracepting, by cohabiting and fornicating, by many means that will result in a desire for abortion.  Until we have a great awakening leading to a radical change in the direction of the culture, it is unlikely we will see demand for abortion go away to any significant extent.  Thus, it is right and proper to work towards the end of laws permitting abortion, and to vehemently oppose these efforts to enshrine abortion as a ‘right.’ 

Until Christ comes again, there will likely still be demand for abortion.


1. Christie Holland - May 27, 2010

Incredibly great post. Really..

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