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Bishops reiterate stance on Obamacare, decry CHA, other groups May 25, 2010

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The USCCB released a statement last Friday to further clarify the bishop’s collective opposition to Obamacare as passed into law, and to re-emphasize their severe displeasure at nominally ‘Catholic’ groups that supported the law.   While not going as far as some reactionary types like me would like, this new document, titled ‘Setting the Record Straight,’ states that CHA and LCWR were wrong to support Obamacare and that their opposition to the bishop’s clear statements regarding Obamacare has led to “confusion and a wound to Catholic unity.” 

We know now that Obama personally wooed both CHA, the Catholyc Health Association, and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), in order to gain their support for the bill (I doubt he had to woo very hard, both groups indicated their support since late ’08).  CHA and LCWR, in spite of the opinion of the bishops, many ordained, and virtually every reputable pro-life group that Obamacare would lead to federal funding for abortion, supported this bill as it achieved long standing goals held by both groups.  These goals, while represented as being oriented towards ‘social justice,’ are also strongly aligned with the leftist/socialist tendencies publically espoused by both groups.  While the bishops do not state this directly, the inference is plain: they feel various ‘Catholic’ groups chose to ignore the obvious intent of the bill to fund abortion, if it obtained their long standing political goal – a massive socialization of a very significant part of the US economy.  

The bishops stated thus:

 we reject the argument made to us by some Catholics that expanding health care coverage justified setting aside our longstanding opposition to government participation in elective abortions or weakening rights to life and freedom of conscience.

CHA and LCWR tried to get around this clear condemnation by stating – well, abortion isn’t funded in Obamacare!  You see, there’s an executive order!  Tell that to Planned Parenthood, which is already undertaking a building boom unprecedented in its history to meet the expected demand.   Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood, has essentially admitted that the executive order is toothless, and will not stop federal funding of abortion.   And remember – Cecile Richards thanked CHA and LCWR for their critical support in passing Obamacare; without the ‘cover’ they provided, many ostensibly pro-life democrats could not have voted for the bill. 

As others have already observed, I hope this is not the bishop’s only response to these organizations that have done so much to create confusion among the faithful, undermine Catholic unity and doctrine, and harm our Catholic identity.  I think the response of the Bishop of Greenburg PA is a good starting point – refuse to allow LCWR to recruit for new members in Catholic churches until they repent of their support.   More than  likely, the response will not be this direct; the bishops will probably just continue to allow these orders to commit slow suicide and slide into oblivion. 

Unfortunately, without concrete action, these organizations will be more free to continue to undermine Catholic unity and authority in the Church.

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