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Things to be thankful for, #279 May 26, 2010

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We don’t have ‘parish administrators’ at any of our parishes ‘celebrating’ liturgies, especially when said administrators are female, and furthermore when they are members of the ‘women’s ordination conference.’ 

In some diocese, like Rochester, NY, pictured here, things have gotten so bad that a large number of parishes have NO priest.  They have liturgies of a sort ‘administered’ by lay people.  Some are religious.  Many are female. 

Makes one wonder that when some women get the idea that members of their sex can be ordained, are situations like this a partial explanation.

Just one more time, from the top.  Women cannot be ordained as priests.  They have never been ordained.  Even if a very wayward bishop performs some ‘rite of ordination’ for a woman, she is not a priest.  The special graces that come down on a priest at ordination are simply not conferred to a woman.  Christ does not ordain women.  Sorry.  Not my policy, it’s HIS. 

We should be very thankful in this diocese that, bad as things are with regard to the number of priests, they are not THIS bad.  With our prayers and support, they should never get that bad.

One more interesting note – in the same diocese where a number of women have been made ‘parish administrators,’ there are also all kinds of liturgical abuses, including those that occur at the Cathedral in the presence of the bishop.  Funny how one tends to go with the other, no?

h/t Rich Leonardi

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