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Mindboggling – priest’s “secret mistresses” lobby for end to celibacy May 28, 2010

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Ay caramba!  We had better pick up our staffs and gird our loins, because I have a feeling revelations like this are going to continue for some time.  According to the Guardian, that scion of socialism in London, a group of mistresses who claim to have had secret relationships with Catholic priests and “lay monks” (?!!?) have sent a letter to the Pope encouraging him to end the discipline requiring priestly celibacy.  The female signatories of this letter (about 40 individuals) all claim various forms of relationships with priests and religious – some platonic, but most not.  These women are also claiming that the men and women involved suffer due to the secrecy required by their relationships, and that some of the women lose faith when their priest lover dumps them.

Statements like this hurt, because they begin to peel the veil back on a problem that may be more widespread than we know.  These priests who have broken their vows, if the allegations are true, have done a great disservice to themselves and to the Church.  Some may disagree, but I have to wonder if this tendency towards sexual liberty and breaking of vows isn’t linked to that misbegotten ‘spirit of Vatican II’ mentality, where so many of the traditional practices of the Church were scuttled in favor of a far more anthropocentric and self-pleasing practices?  Just a few days ago, a well known ‘spirit of Vatican II type’, the Italian priest and homosexual clergy advocate Fr. Domenico Pezzini was arrested in Milan for having abused teenage boys and being in possession of a huge cache of child porn.  Is there a tendency among those who reject so much of traditional Church doctrine and societal norms to be driven ultimately by a wish to exercise their sexual desires?  I read something last week that offered some evidence along those lines. 

Irrespective of the ultimate motives of those who break their solemn vows, we should all continue to pray for our priests, bishops, and religious, that they will remain strong in the face of the great temptations they suffer and will grow in piety, orthodoxy, and love for their true apostolates.  We must also continue to pray for Pope Benedict that he will defend and explain Catholic Tradition successfully.

Those called to religious life have a higher calling than the married or single life.  St. Paul stated in 1 COR 7 that the celibate state is preferred to the married state, most especially for clergy.  Yes, married clergy can be allowed, but those who remain celibate make a very special sacrifice to God and will receive concommitant blessings.  In addition, those who are celibate are not required to deal with the distractions of married life and can focus all their energies on their apostolate.

h/t culturewarnotes