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The other shoe drops – evangelicals begin to cave on abortion? June 2, 2010

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LifeSiteNews is reporting a new effort by the National Association of Evangelicals, which represents millions of evangelicals in 45,000 churches, to build “common ground” towards reducing the abortion rate in America, including the use of contraception as a means to achieve that goal.  

As Natalie Hudson points out:

There is no culture or subculture in the world that has permitted contraception and then has not gone on to permit abortion. As acceptance of contraception increases so does acceptance of abortion. Why is this the case? Because at the root of contraception is the notion that a couple can engage in sexual activity and avoid its natural consequences. Couples who unintentionally conceive a child while using contraception are far more likely to resort to abortion than others.

The contraceptive mentality feeds the abortion mentality.  Those who set out to engage in carefree sex without (they hope) the possibility of conceiving are far more likely (over 20x) to have an abortion than those who do not contracept.  Oral contraceptives have been scientifically proven to be abortifacient – it is how they work.  Oral contraceptives do not prevent the egg from being fertilized, so they do not prevent conception.  They work by not allowing the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall.  The fertilized egg then gets washed out of the woman’s body with the normal effluent.  Net result?  One dead baby (or more). 

We’ve had recent news that a number of ‘evangelical’ churches**, many of the type with elaborate production values, are starting to devolve from taking a more literalist interpretation to Scripture, to becoming more like their established “mainline” brethren, with social views that tend towards acceptance of worldly desires.  Are we beginning to see the beginning of the evangelical churches slow slide into doctrinal muddle, similar to most mainline churches?  Will we see the evangelicals eventually come out in full support of not only contraception, but abortion? 

It was less than a generation from the signing of the Lambeth Declaration, making the Anglican Church the first Christian denomination to allow the use of contraception, to a point where prominent Anglican theologians were declaring not only contraception but abortion a positive good (for the sake of the environment – hug those trees!).  I think Ms. Hudson is right – once a group starts down the path of accepting contraception, no matter how limited (and the original Lambeth provisions were extremely limited), it will shortly devolve to a point of accepting abortion.  One feeds the other.  Contraceptive failures, to a couple who has decided they don’t want children, leads inexorably to the need for abortion.  

**The lede on this article is beyond disgusting.  I don’t think the vast majority of Christians who are opposed to the gay lifestyle “hate gays,” or that those who accept the gay lifestyle “love” them.  In fact, I think the opposite is true.  I think the average Christian who opposes gay marriage or any aspect of that lifestyle does so out of love, to save people from making choices that lead to destructive consequences in this life and that, according to Scripture, cut people off from God through sin.  I think such Christians have the strong love within them to tell people unpleasant things, even when the world says we should not do so.  I think the more accepting people who tolerate celebrate gays aren’t acting out of love, but more out of a soft sentimality that seeks worldly approbation.  For the first ~2000 years of Christian history, such an attitude towards the gay lifestyle was beyond the pale – we are not smarter or more sophisticated than our forebears.  In fact, I think we are  more lazy and intellectually dishonest.

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A few thoughts on Pelosi’s ‘Word’ June 2, 2010

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There has been a ton of coverage on Nancy Pelosi’s statement that ‘the Word’, the Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us, guides and shapes her political ideology.   Many int he Catholic blogosphere are asking alot of questions regarding this statement, with some taking the view that Ms. Pelosi must surely be schizophrenic to be someone who professes to be guided by the Gospel, and at the same time takes so many policy positions absolutely contrary to the Faith (and having this pointed out to her very clearly by the Pope).   Some have also hypothesized that Pelosi is playing some kind of game here with the bishops conference to try to get them to support even more strongly comprehensive immigration reform. 

I’m not sure what is up with Pelosi.  I have been strongly opposed to her policies and leadership in her tenure as Speaker of the House, and I think she has done great harm to the Church in the US with her repeated, scandalous misrepresentations of the doctrine of the Faith.  But, I think I agree with the Anchoress, that Ms. Pelosi is someone who takes her faith pretty seriously and is struggling to reconcile what the Church teaches with what she believes.  Ms. Pelosi is an ardent feminist whose formative years were a time of incredible changes in the Church, many of which departed from established Church doctrine.  To be blunt, someone of Ms. Pelosi’s political persuasions has been able to find bishops and priests willing to tell her that supporting abortion and contraception was perfectly legitimate.  Now, the Church is changing, it’s becoming more orthodox, and fewer and fewer people within the Church are willing to give her cover (and more are willing to challenge her).  I think she’s having a hard time wrapping her head around that.  I think the meeting with Pope Benedict was the catalyst.  I think she’s struggling to somehow align her feminist identity politics with the Faith.  I think she’s too stubborn (and too wedded to the glamor and illusory power of the world) to realize that if she really wants to grow in her faith and be a devout Catholic, she needs to drop a number of her beliefs.

I could definitely be wrong.  She could be just what alot of people think – someone so completely screwed up on what the Church believes and teaches that she thinks Jesus favored killing babies in utero.  But I think it may be more complex than that.  It will be interesting to see what develops.  Even though it may be hard, pray for her.  Pray for her conversion – what a story that would be, pro-abort Pelosi becomes a powerful pro-life advocate. 

The Beauty of the Latin Rite June 2, 2010

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If you like a Mass that highlights the transcendent and the literal coming down of Heaven to earth and re-presentation of the Perfect Sacrifice that is the Eucharist, watch this video. 

I pray many Catholics may have transcendent moments like this.  They are so instrumental in helping to form a Faith that truly abides and grows.  I pray that more celebrations of the Mass may be so transformative.  When we come into contact with God made Flesh, it should be not only very reverent, but also a life changing experience.  I’ve had a few experience like Voris describes, they are the moments that can change lives.

St. Joseph’s Helpers supports women with crisis pregnancies in Dallas June 2, 2010

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Many of my readers may already know about White Rose Women’s Center, the abortion alternative in Dallas which helps women with unplanned or crisis pregnancies.  White Rose does tremendous work.  There is another organization, affiliated with White Rose, which helps raise funds for White Rose and educate people on abortion and its terrible consequences.  St. Joseph’s Helpers helps provide fundraising for White Rose, while also offering extensive resources for education and conversion.  Right now, St. Joseph’s helpers has a host of materials that can be used for presentations in churches or the classroom.  These resources include instructional videos on the nature of abortion and the lives it affects, the terrible consequences mother’s bear after having an abortion, and the help that is available to women who face a crisis pregnancy. 

Would you consider, in your charity, assisting St. Joseph’s Helpers?  They are always in need of support in the form of prayer, volunteering, and donations.  White Rose can always use donations of diapers, baby formula, and new or very good condition baby clothes.  Another way you can help is to contact your pastor or parish staff to try to arrange for a presentation by the staff of St. Joseph’s Helpers in your parish.  If you are a teacher or homeschooler, perhaps you would consider using their materials in your class.  While engaging in political efforts to end legalized abortion on demand is a laudable effort, we must also concentrate efforts on ending the demand for abortion through efforts to change hearts and educate minds. 

I wrote yesterday about a really bad day praying outside an abortion mill.   White Rose can and does make a huge difference in helping women (and men) choose life, but sadly, this weekend, they were very short staffed.  If you are opposed to abortion and know of its terrible cost, I pray you might consider supporting St. Joseph’s Helpers.   I can think of few better ways to live your Faith and to help the mission Christ has charged all of us with, to bring the light of Faith and Truth to all.

Dominus vobiscum!