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More greatness from Voris June 9, 2010

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It’s a great shame that videos like this need to be made and watched. 

Women “protest” Vatican, AP apoplectic June 9, 2010

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AP, revealing absolutely none of that bias for which they are so well known reports on a group of women protesting the fact that Jesus hates them for not instituting a women’s priesthood.  First, the story:

AP)  Groups that have long demanded that women be ordained Roman Catholic priests took advantage of the Vatican’s crisis over clerical sex abuse to press their cause Tuesday, demanding the Vatican open discussions on letting women join the priesthood.

Representatives of a half-dozen Catholic reform groups marched on St. Peter’s Square on the eve of a three-day rally marking the end of the church’s yearlong celebration of the priest.

Vatican officials have said during the rally Pope Benedict XVI may apologize for the decades of rapes and molestation that children suffered at the hands of priests.

The umbrella group Women’s Ordination Conference said the Vatican shouldn’t be celebrating the priesthood while “turning a blind eye when men in its ranks destroy the lives of children and families.”

“While the hierarchy spends their time covering up scandals and throwing major celebrations for themselves, Catholic women are working for justice and making a positive difference in the world,” said Erin Saiz Hanna, the Women’s Ordination Conference executive director.

WoW!  Groups!  Half a dozen of ’em!  Protesting!  There must have been hundreds, maybe thousands of women there, raising their voices in unison to protest Teh Patriarchy.  Uhhhh……no so much.  There were precisely 10 women.   Elsewhere, this would be known as a group of cranks, but because this is the Vatican and the women were ostensibly “protesting” for a cause sacrosanct among many in the media, they receive coverage exceeding that of tea parties with tens of thousands present. 

Notice also the attempt to further tar the Church with the sex abuse scandal.  Look…..I complain about goings on in the Church as much as anyone, but I recognize that constantly bringing up the abuse scandals, many of them decades old, is a cheap shot and fundamentally out of context.  I doubt these women would be gratified if the Church shot back that the women should go and look at all the thousands of cases, increasingly rampant, of female schoolteachers molesting underage boys.  It’s not really germane to the argument, but it’s a cheap way to score an easy point right now. 

I don’t expect AP or many other opinion news organizations to ‘get’ Catholic doctrine.  I don’t expect them to understand that Christ only conferred the Office of Priesthood on men, and the Church has no right or facility to confer priesthood on women.  Literally, the graces that are necessary to be a priest simply cannot be transferred to a woman.  Christ is the Bridegroom, His Bride is the Church, and the priest, during the Mass, acts in persona Christi to be the Bridegroom.  A woman CANNOT be the bridegroom.  Even if a crazy wayward bishop somewhere ‘ordains’ women, the ordinations will be invalid and all involved will be excommunicated instantly for such a gross violation of fundamental Church doctrine.  There will be no graces transferred, the woman will not be a priest, and anyone who goes to her for reception of the Sacraments will get nothing.  Instead of the Body and Blood of Christ, they’ll get bread and wine.  It simply cannot happen.

‘Educated to Imbecility’ June 9, 2010

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Only a die hard self loathing communist like Pete Singer could think thusly:

Have you ever thought about whether to have a child? If so, what factors entered into your decision? Was it whether having children would be good for you, your partner and others close to the possible child, such as children you may already have, or perhaps your parents? For most people contemplating reproduction, those are the dominant questions. Some may also think about the desirability of adding to the strain that the nearly seven billion people already here are putting on our planet’s environment. But very few ask whether coming into existence is a good thing for the child itself. Most of those who consider that question probably do so because they have some reason to fear that the child’s life would be especially difficult — for example, if they have a family history of a devastating illness, physical or mental, that cannot yet be detected prenatally.

All this suggests that we think it is wrong to bring into the world a child whose prospects for a happy, healthy life are poor, but we don’t usually think the fact that a child is likely to have a happy, healthy life is a reason for bringing the child into existence. This has come to be known among philosophers as “the asymmetry” and it is not easy to justify. But rather than go into the explanations usually proffered — and why they fail — I want to raise a related problem. How good does life have to be, to make it reasonable to bring a child into the world? Is the standard of life experienced by most people in developed nations today good enough to make this decision unproblematic, in the absence of specific knowledge that the child will have a severe genetic disease or other problem?

Blah blah he continues on and argues eventually that it is immoral for anyone to have children because of the suffering of the planet and the fact we’re all doomed to live in an overcrowded environmentally destroyed world.

When I read such sophomoric existential navel gazing angst I thank God that I am a person of Faith.  I don’t have to ask these kinds of idiotic questions.  Why do my wife and I have children, why do we do nothing to limit the number of children we may have?  Because God Wills It.  Christ has revealed through His Church that having children is a positive good, and the number one aspect of married life.  The Church has taught this for millenia.  This is one of the core doctrines of the Faith that stretch back to Apostolic times. 

Pete is aiming at the goal that we off ourselves as a species so MotherGoddess Gaia Earth Princess whatever can live in peace.  What an incredibly, shamefully selfish statement.  “I think we humans are bad, and therefore I don’t think all these untold billions of future humans have a right to live.”  It is no coincidence that Mr. Singer is also an unabashed leftist, who thinks the government should start forcing couples NOT to have children, and who thinks infanticide is perfectly legitimate (and I’m not talking about abortion).   This man is not just talk – he has encouraged others to engage in acts of terrorism against medical researchers and other scientists because they use animals in their research – research that has prolonged and saved numerous human lives.  This is such a serious problem in Britain that much medical research has had to be either protected like a top secret military installation, or moved overseas.  I am an acquiantance with one such researcher, a brilliant biochemist who works on diseases of the brain.  He and his family were threatened by the Animal Liberation Front and other groups to the point that they left Britain and emigrated to the US.  Singer doesn’t care – he’s a self loathing misanthrope who projects benign human qualities onto animals and reserves evil qualities for humans.  He’s a prince of  a man, who coincidentally feels it is ALWAYS wrong to kill an animal but that abortion is OK and not only that – that it’s ‘morally acceptable’ to kill children who are handicapped or somehow not sufficiently perfect.

Genesis 1 – God gave man dominion over the land and sea and everything in it.  God’s greatest gift to humanity, after our salvation, is our ability to raise up new saints to know love and serve Him in Heaven for all eternity.  I cannot fathom a position like Singers.  I cannot fathom so hating my fellow man that I wish for the death of the human species.  I don’t accept that Singer is ostensibly driven by love for MotherEarthGaiaGoddess – the acts of violence he has fomented indicate something far darker drives him and his ilk.  I pray they may lose all influence and be converted.

As a final thought – only someone without kids could fail to understand that there is much more to having children than just a plus/minus assessment of what they bring to a parent’s life.  There are innumerable reasons to have kids and to love them, God’s desire for us to have them notwithstanding.  Each child is so uniquely different and beautiful in their parent’s eyes.  Singer will never know this.  He has been, as Fr. Corapi is fond of saying, ‘educated to the point of imbecility.’

New priest coming to St. Mark Plano June 9, 2010

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A new priest is coming to St. Mark in Plano.  St Mark will now have three priests, which is pretty badly needed since St. Mark is one of the largest parishes in the state.   Joining pastor Fr. Cliff Smith and newly ordained Fr. Marco Rangel** will be Fr. Jack Hopka from St. Monica’s in Dallas.   Fr. Hopka has been at St. Mark in the past, and is now returning.  Having three priests will help spread the load and keep the priests from having to celebrate forty seven Masses each Sunday. Just kidding, they don’t celebrate that many, but with two priests, one for English and one for Spanish, they were each celebrating 5 or more Masses each Sunday, which is irregular in Roman Catholic practice.

** – I had an opportunity to meet and speak with Fr. Marco Rangel after Mass this morning, and what a fine young man he is.  He actually sought me out and had some very nice things to say about my family.  He seems very energetic and happy to be a priest and devoted to serving Christ in His Church.  I cannot wait to see many of the other young men on their path to ordination join the priesthood, men like James Yamauchi.  What great blessings they are for all of the Church.