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Cardinal George – Sister Keehan, CHA, chose Obama over the Church June 17, 2010

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The head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal George, stated yesterday at an executive session of the USCCB that Sister Carol Keehan and the Catholic Health Association she heads were to blame for the passage of Obamacare and that  “The bill which was passed is fundamentally flawed. The Executive Order is meaningless. Sr. Carol is mistaken in thinking that this is pro-life legislation.”

It is a sick joke to call Obamacare ‘pro-life,’ Planned Parenthood is literally laughing in the face of the meaningless executive order, and both Obama and Senator Bob Casey, the democrat “pro-life” Senator from Pennsylvania whose cave on pro-life principles helped force Obamacare through the Senate, have claimed that Sr. Keehan’s support was critical to passing Obamacre.  “I can say without any hesitation that if the Catholic Health Association were not involved in this effort, it’s highly likely we wouldn’t be able to pass the bill,” Casey said.

Cardinal George referred also to a wound in Church unity.  Yes, the wound is deep, but there is a remedy.  The wound could be healed by firm and clear action to let the faithful know that a scandal of this magnitude can not stand.  There are actions that can be taken to show that Sister Keehan have so profoundly chosen political preferences over Catholic doctrine that they no longer remain united to the Body of Christ.  Unfortunately, the bishops have been extremely reticent to face the criticism that would come from some quarters if they were to take that kind of action, even though they would be viewed as great defenders of the Faith in other quarters. 

And so we now have abortion on demand all but instilled as a permanent right in America.  This could not have happened without willing enablers within the Church, those, like Sr. Keehan and her allies at Vox Nova and National Catholic Distorter, who repeatedly chose to take the bishops for fools and to insist that they could read wonderful pro-life messages into a bill that the bishops saw as the gravest threat to life in this country since Roe v. Wade.   Will the bishops allow themselves to be made to look as if they are just one voice of, ahem, er, ummm, “Authority” in the Church, with CHA and the NETWORK group and the Distorter and Chittister and all the rest constituting an alternate, and perhaps more “authoritative” Magisterium?   Will the scandal caused to millions of faithful Catholics and the slap in the face to the genuine workers in the pro-life movement be allwoed to stand?

Who is truly the leadership of the Church – the men properly instituted as such by Christ, or a nebulous group of leftist apparatchiks?  On the issue of Obamacare, the facts at present say the latter, and that is the shame of the Church.

Thomas Peters has much more, including this gem:

Finally, he [Obama] says to Sr. Keehan and the CHA, that in passing his bill, they “did so in a way that protects your long-standing beliefs.” In other words, he supports their claim that being Catholic doesn’t mean you have to be obedient to the authority of the bishops or avoid publicly scandalizing the faithful. Obama, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say, thinks he can interpret what it means to be Catholic better than the bishops when they draw upon two thousand years of tradition.

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