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Dear Lord June 28, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, scandals, Society.

This post by its nature is graphic.  But, it’s also very important.  If sexually frank discussions make you squeemish, you may not want to proceed.  Perhaps say a prayer and invoke the protection of St. Michael before reading.

The ongoing scandal in Belgium over this heinous, satanic topic of priest sex abuse that just won’t go away has gotten worse.  Much worse.  There are many sites discussing the abuse itself – I won’t go into that.  But recent news has surfaced of an accompanying issue that is in every way as bad as the sex abuse.  A Belgian politician and Catholic activist by no other choice has written a story in the Brussels Journal describing the contents of children’s catechism material that is extremely graphic and shows images of child sex activity.  These materials were used by essentially all the Church in Belgium for decades for ‘formation’ (of what kind is open to debate) for decades.  Accompanying the pictures of baby girls masturbating, and two toddlers manually stimulating each other, was text including the following:

The textbook contained a drawing which showed a naked baby girl saying: “Stroking my pussy makes me feel groovy,” “I like to take my knickers off with friends,” “I want to be in the room when mum and dad have sex.” The drawing also shows a naked little boy and girl that are “playing doctor” and the little boy says: “Look, my willy is big.”

There is much more that I won’t go into.  The images in the book were of very young children – toddlers and younger.  The text accompanying this material made it plain that the objective lesson to be learned by the pre-teens “studying” this material was that “toddlers experience sexual lust.”  I think parents who have had children in this age range realize the utter ludicrousness of this statement. 

It is important to note that the preparation of and approval of this material for use in the Belgian Church was overseen by the recently retired admitted pedophile Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, of Bruges Belgium, who was a close associate of the also recently retired (and also disgraced) Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Archbishop of Brussels and Primate of Belgium.  This material came into use in 1984.  Complaints were received, culminating in protests by many hundreds of concerned parents outside the Cardinal’s palace in Brussels in 1997 and 1998.  The Cardinal refused to meet with the parents or hear their concerns. 

On Thursday, in response to hundreds, possibly thousands of complaints regarding sexual abuse and concommitant coverup in the Belgian Church, police investigators raided the palace of the Archbishop of Brussels and the Cathedral, going so far as to open tombs in the crypt in the search for materials indicating a coverup in the Belgian Church.  This is awful, on every level possible. 

One final thought – in my post on Friday regarding Dietrich von Hildebrand’s indictment of Church leadership in the wake of Vatican II, I reference his book The Devastated Vineyard.   The driving theme of that book is that the replacement of traditional Church doctrine with modernist, progressive ideals has devastated the Church.  It has led to a collapse of both Faith and Morals.  Cardinal Daneels is one of the more prominent progressives in Europe.  Many feel he was insulated from criticism due to his friendliness with the progressives in the media.  It is very hard not to see the connection between the prime Western progressive ideal of sexual libertinism and these kinds of horrific scandals in the Church.  In this most recent Belgian case, it is difficult not to conclude that the purpose of this disgusting, perverse, satanic material in a Catholic Catechism!! was not to groom more pedophiles.  The person who oversaw its publication and use is a pedophile – Occam’s razor would imply that this was an effort at furthering a vision of child sexuality that would enable pedophilia.

When the ancient Hebrews burned their sons and daughters as offerings to Baal (2 Kgs. 17:16-18), God’s Wrath was severe.  Israel very soon ceased to exist, except for Judah.


1. Mary - June 28, 2010

We homeschool our kids to keep them from being subjected to things that are not appropriate to children or not truth. Now this is more proof we must take caution with CCD as well.

In fact, in the recent past this blog ran an article about Seton’s “SAFE ENVIRONMENT For Children”.

I have felt this for awhile and this is an unfortunate example – we CANNOT sit back and allow random “Catholics” to teach our children CCD. So far our children have gone through first communion through home teaching; the next step is Confirmation, in which our parish claims the children must join the CCD in order to perform their “community services” with their peers. You can bet I’ll fight that tooth and nail.

2. Subvet - June 28, 2010

Stupid question time: Since when is “community service” mandatory for Confirmation?

3. Mary - June 28, 2010

Subvet –
I guess since community involvement became more important than a relationship directly with Christ Himself…
(the horizontal line of the cross w/ community became longer than the vertical line with Christ – what a funny shaped CROSS we have built for ourselves.

I’m not sure who is ‘designing” the catechism, but I’ve learned over the years that mention of the old “Baltimore Catechism” which I like (very black and white) brings instant dismissal – ie they don’t like it and will NOT then accept home studies.

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