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Most Austrian priests refuse Church doctrine June 29, 2010

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A stunning and heartbreaking, if not totally surprising, survey of the beliefs of Austrian Roman Catholic clergy has revealed that most priests in Austria do not accept Church doctrine on one or more issues.  The ‘scientific’ survey found that, of 500 Austrians priests:

  • 79% think priests should be able to be married
  • 51% think the Church has done a poor job of handling sex abuse cases (no disagreement there)
  • 51% think women should be able to be ordained

This last one floors me.  This is a very well defined dogma in the Church.  If you want to quibble with married priests, at least you have historical precedent, if not much sense.  Our united eastern brethren in the Church, like the Syro-Malabars, who do allow for married clergy, have counseled the Church NOT to regularize a married priesthood because of the huge problems it causes.  But this issue of women’s ordination, this is nothing more than a succumbing to the will of the world and rejecting a well defined core doctrine.  It’s like this – the Church is the Bride of Christ.  The priest, in the Mass, takes on persona Christi, and must be able to perform the role as a man.   A woman cannot do this.  No matter what we on earth may think, what a bishop may do, what percentage of priest’s cave to worldly pressure, no graces will be conferred to a woman to allow her to celebrate Mass.  Any ‘Mass’ celebrated by a woman is null and void – the bread remains bread, the wine remains wine, and no graces are conferred.

Unfortunately, Austria has been a huge breeding ground of modernism/leftism and especially of women’s ordination.  It has even, apparently, infected Cardinal Schoenborn to some extent (balloon Mass, anyone?).  Expect to see more of this as time goes on, especially in Europe.  I think in the US, the Church may be turning a bit of a corner, but the modernist spirit is truly embedded in Europe.  Pray.

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