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More on Fr. Robert Crisp June 30, 2010

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I reported several weeks ago about the resignation of Fr. Robert Crisp from Sacred Heart parish in Rowlett.  The Dallas Morning News ran an article yesterday morning concerning numerous other allegations that have dogged Fr. Crisp throughout his career.  These include an alleged affair with a parishioner, kissing and touching underage girls, and lots of allegations of the inappropriate contact that seems to have gotten Fr. Crisp in trouble in the first place at Sacred Heart.   The article states that Bishop Farrell is unlikely ever to assign Fr. Crisp to another parish.

I had heard these kinds of things about Fr. Crisp having problems at other parishes for a while.  I had heard especially about the problems in Duncanville at Holy Spirit.  The thing is, most all of these problems seem to have been quite a ways in the past, back in the 70’s and 80’s, so I was left wondering, is this really a pattern, or just a couple of bad incidents?.  I also knew that Fr. Crisp had taken a sabbatical or two before due to behavior issues with female parishioners, but I didn’t report on that due to confidentiality.  It now appears that there is more of a pattern, but that perhaps there was a long gap in behavior problems in the 1990-2010 period? 

I don’t know what all this means.  In the present environment, it would be hard to send Fr. Crisp to any parish with these allegations now out in the open.  I will pray for Fr. Crisp that he find some kind of peace and useful function within the Church, possibly in prayer and contemplation.  I pray that a good priest hasn’t fallen victim to any stories from the past which are very difficult to corroborate.   I am very thankful that so far there hasn’t been any revelation of outright abuse, just alot of weird and inappropriate, but consensual, behavior.  Most of all I pray that this Diocese may no longer have to suffer from these kinds of sexual issues among clergy again.


1. dallas - June 30, 2010

Hail Mary,

2. George - July 1, 2010

I attended Sacred Heart for several years but now go regularly to Mater Dei. Fr. Bob was my pastor for several years.

It seems many thought of his as a “spiritual” man. I could see that because he would go on and on with lengthy introductions to the different rubrics of the mass.

But to think of him as “spiritual” is deceiving. He was not faithful to the rubrics of the mass. In fact his new church looks like this: tabernacle off to the side, statue of the risen Christ front and center, underneath behind the altar where the tabernacle used to sit was Fr. Bob’s chair. Yes he had a tiny crucifix made of metal but it was so thing that unless you went close up to the altar you would not realize it was there.

Fr. Bob had a tendency to reach out and hug people. His face would get red and his big stomach dangled over his belt. Before mass he would chat touch and occasionally hug people and likewise after mass. I remember once going to confession and Fr. Bob put his hand on my knee. It was not sexual but nonetheless I was not expecting that. I interpreted it as Fr. Bob thinking that he is some sort of “spiritual” conduit for the Lord and my physically touching people maybe he thinks it is like the Lord touching them.

Also, another irreverent and useless thing Fr. Bob did every Sunday at Mass was to read announcements that went on and on. He would take 15-20 minutes to go over some minute matter noted in the bulletin. I disagreed with this practice because I believe that after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion we should focus our attention on Him and not on some church raffle.

Overall, Fr. Bob seems like a nice guy and I wish none of these allegations are true but if they are Fr. Bob has to face God one day. What disappoints me the most about Fr. Bob is how deceivingly he leads the souls in his parish against Jesus. I am sure he honestly believes in what he is doing.

Frankly, the best medicine would be to not assign him another church again and make him repent for his sins. Then he should sent to learn and only be allowed to offer the Latin Mass. That might be the only way he learns to straighten up. Then again maybe not, maybe he is simply a wolf. I don’t know. But I do know that when I attend the Latin Mass I see more reverence from the priests than I have ever seen in a Novus Ordo Mass. At the Latin Church, Mater Dei the priests are addressed by last name. The priests are reverent, and frank in their homilies. I hope we see more priests like the two wonderful priests who are at Mater Dei. I believe Fr. Bob could learn a thing or two from them.

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