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New evidence of Pope Pius XII’s efforts to save Jews in WWII July 2, 2010

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Several months ago, when this blog was brand new, I got called an anti-semite by some clergy (and, I was told, a bishop!) because I had some negative things to say about those who very opportunistically use the false image of Pope Pius XII as a Nazi collaborator as a club against the Church.  That made me very angry, for while I am surely offensive to many people, one of the very last things I am is an anti-semite.   So, whenever news comes out supporting what was up until the mid-1960s the accepted history, that Pope Pius XII did  a very great deal to help shield Jews in Europe from Nazi predation, I always post it. 

A recent find in the Vatican archives shows that while still a Cardinal, and before the final solution was in full swing, the future Pope Pius XII wrote to a number of other Church officials to ask them to do their utmost to help preserve not just Jewish people, but also Jewish institutions, including synagogues, libraries, Torah scrolls, etc.  The anti-Jewish pogroms were just getting started in Nazi Germany and occupied Austria – this was only two months after Kristallnacht.

Further information reveals that even earlier, in November 1938, just a few days after Kristallnacht, that Cardinal Pacelli requested 200,000 visas for “non-Aryan Catholics,” a code word for Jews. 

So, not only did Pope Pius XII do more to help persecuted Jews than any other person in Europe, aiding orders of magnitude more than the “sainted” Oskar Schindler, but he was also amazingly prescient, taking the Nazi’s at their word, and seeing the pogroms starting with Kristallnacht, he very proactively began to do a great deal to help Jews to escape the murderous Nazis.  And yet he is one of the most reviled men in the world at present, due to a pervasive left-wing based media campaign that seeks to attack the Church through the person of good Pope Pius XII. 

Remember – prior to the mid-1960s, prominent Jews such as Golda Mier bestowed awards on Pope Pius XII and spoke incredibly laudably of his efforts during WWII.  Then, a left wing effort began to try to change this image, first with the performance of a play that showed Pope Pius XII as a Nazi collaborator, and then with skads of books showing the same.  Many of these were funded by the KGB

Read The Myth of Hitler’s Pope for much more.

Support the White Rose building fund! July 2, 2010

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Many of the readers of this blog in the Dallas Diocese may be familiar with the White Rose Women’s Center.  This is an abortion alternative to help women with crisis pregnancies.  Here, women can see a doctor, get a sonogram, and get help all through pregnancy and well beyond.  Through donations made to White Rose, many women are able to dramatically reduce the expense of having a child, and thus remove one of the strongest arguments people use to rationalize abortion – we don’t have the money. 

At present, White Rose rents their facility next to the horrid, dirty, dank, and dangerous “Routh Street Women’s Clinic” on Central Expressway.  Their rent is $4800/month.  The management of White Rose are looking to purchase their building, which will reduce their monthly expense to a $3400/month mortgage payment.  In order to purchase the building, however, White Rose needs to make a $122,500 down payment, which is 20% of the purchase price of $612,500.  They have until July 15 to raise this sum, and they are (as of yesterday morning) $20,718 short of the needed amount. 

Would you, in your charity, consider donating to White Rose to help them reduce expenses and purchase their building?  They do such amazing work.  Having prayed outside the Routh Street mill on many occasions, I know that numerous women reconsider their abortions and directly enter the White Rose to find help for their pregnancy.  This is truly a worthy cause.  By taking this concrete act of both material and spiritual almsgiving, you can bring many great graces to yourself and your family.


If you want to make a donation, please send your check to:


                                        White Rose Building Fund

                                        4313 North Central Expressway

                                        Dallas, Texas 75205


If you have further questions pertaining to the proposal you may contact Chuck Kleuser at 469 235-4070  cell or cwkperbiz@yahoo.com.   Thank you for your consideration.

And may God abundantly bless whoever supports this most worthy cause!

Resource for large families July 2, 2010

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Commenter ‘Dallas’ posted a link to a new organization started up by Fr. Thomas Eutenaur of Human Life International, intended to provide resources and networking for large familes (4 or more kids).  The website is http://fourormore.org/.  I checked it out, and it seems at least somewhat useful.  I think it’s a pretty new site, so there isn’t too much on it in terms of resources.  It seems oriented towards social networking, and they bill it as a sort of facebook for large families.  I joined the site, so you should, too, just to be cool like me.