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Are these the worst hymns of all time? July 6, 2010

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I don’t have an argument with any of these.  What do you think of this list of “worst ‘Catholic’ hymns?” 

10. “Pescador de los Hombres” (Lord, When You Stood by the Seashore)

According to some sources, this was the favorite hymn of Pope John Paul II.

9. “I Am the Bread of Life,” by Suzanne Toolan

8. “On Eagles’ Wings, ” by Michael Joncas

7. “Pan de Vida, cuerpo del Señor,” by Bob Hurd and Pia Moriarty

6. “Sing a New Song,” by Dan Schutte

5. “We Remember,” by Marty Haugen

4. “Here I Am, Lord,” by Dan Schutte

3. “City of God, ” by Dan Schutte

2. “Gather Us In,” by Marty Haugen

Oddly, “Gather Us In” reminds some of us of a much better secular song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” by Gordon Lightfoot

1. “Sons of God, Hear His Holy Word,” by James Thiem
Because this onetime favorite has disappeared (mercifully) from most modern hymnals, no video seems to be available. Here are the lyrics.

Pan de Vida, On Eagle’s Wings, and Gather Us In are three that just drive me nuts.  There is a woman at daily Mass at a local parish that insists on singing Pan de Vida before, during, and after Communion.  Normally, there is no music, just sacred silence.  It has tested the limits of my charity not to either say something to her, or just shout “callase!” when she starts singing.


1. Mary - July 7, 2010

#1 must have been removed because they forgot to make it gender-neutral…
It’s hard to sing “sons and daughters…” and “children…” just doesn’t work – we’re much too mature to be called children…

My favorite is “I am the bread of life”… Since when am I God??

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