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Is Obamacare meant to force the Church to support abortion? July 6, 2010

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We may soon know the answer to that question.  As Jill Stanek reports, the ACLU has demanded that the Department of Health and Human Services, headed by pro-abort catholyc Kathleen Sebelius, investigate hospitals run by religious bodies that refuse to perform “emergency reproductive health care” (also known as abortion on demand).   The ACLU claims that these hospitals that refuse to perform abortions are in violation of federal law and should be denied participation in Medicare and Medicaid (and, in a few years if nothing changes, Obamacare).  Since a very large proportion of a hospital’s income comes from Medicare (due to almost all seniors being involved in that disaster), this is no idle threat.  Given the ideology of the current administration, it seems likely that this “request” by the ACLU could be translated into a reality, of a full blown investigation intended to cow Catholic hospitals into performing abortions.

Even if the present request comes to nought, when Obamacare becomes law, hospitals will be in an even more precarious position.  That is why it is critical that, at the least, the pro-abort provisions of Obamacare be rolled back.  One way to do this is to support the Protect Life Act, which is currently pending in Congress.  You can sign a petition, also, encouraging the Catholic Health Association and Sr. Carol Keehan, who represent most Catholic hospitals in Congress, to support the Protect Life Act.  This Act will repeal the portions of Obamacare that fund abortion and essentially enshrine abortion as a fundamental right guaranteed forever by law.

UPDATE: Thomas Peters has much more.  He sees this move as a threat to the entire Catholic hospital system, especially since Obama has appointed a man to head Medicare that feels abortion is a right and socialization of health care is the only possible path forward.


1. Subvet - July 6, 2010

So when Catholic hospitals choose to close down rather than violate Church teaching, what then? Will charges be brought against the administrators for neglecting the needs of the local community? Will Catholic doctors and nurses find themselves forced to continue practicing or face jail time? These same questions apply to pharmacists who choose to follow their conscience.

How do you force someone to stay in business or practice a profession they no longer wish to? These might seem to be stupid questions but I’ll bet we’ll see them raised fairly soon.

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