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What is going on with Cardinal Schoenborn? July 6, 2010

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Cardinal Schoenborn, who has been known as an ‘ally’ of Pope Benedict XVI and for being rather orthodox, has allowed quite a bit of craziness of late in his archdiocese of Vienna.   There was his presence at a recent balloon Mass/rave party, he has seemed to endorse women and married priests, and he has argued that the Church’s 2000 year old doctrine regarding homosexuality should be changed because the culture at large demands it. 

Now this.   Cardinal Schoenborn specifically approved, according to the German Gloria.tv, a Mass to be celebrated at a Viennese country music festival (which may sound a strange concept, but American country/western music is very popular in parts of Europe).  Unfortunately, there was no clear distinction between Mass and festival, and so you had people chugging beer and smoking cigarettes during the Mass, as well as eating and talking and doing what people normally do at outdoor music festivals. 

The report from Gloria.tv is below.  Anyone able to translate this German?   I can pick up a little, enough to know that the Mass was sacriledge and that the Cardinal knew what this Mass was going to be.

I don’t know what Cardinal Schoenborn is thinking.  He presides over one of the most “rupture” oriented, disfunctional diocese in the world.  It is in Austria more than anywhere else, and this is truly saying something, that the Faith has been turned on its head in an attempt to “engage the culture.”  Nothing appears sacrosanct there.  The Vatican has expressed deep concern over the ‘We are Church’ mentality very common in Austria, and the growing secularization of the Church.  As if we did not have enough things to pray for, here is another – pray for the Church in Europe generally and Austria (and Belgium and Germany and France and……) specifically.

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