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Cardinal Rode – Liberal nuns cannot defend support for Obamacare July 8, 2010

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A very interesting article from the Catholic News Agency, regarding the meetings between LCWR and Vatican leadership in April.  LCWR, the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious, supported Obamacare and its leadership was one of a number of women religious who signed a notorious letter that was used by so-called pro-life democrats to vote for Obamacare during the crucial House vote last spring.  In fact, Obama, formerly “pro-life” Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), and several members of the House have stated that it was the Catholic Health Association and the group of nuns letter that made passing Obamacare possible.  This, in spite of clear instruction from the bishops conference and dozens of individual bishops (and every reputable pro-life group) that Obamacare would lead to a massive expansion of abortion.

Well, as Ricky would say to Lucy, those LCWR nuns have a lot of ‘splainin to do.  LCWR leadership was recently in Rome for a regular meeting with the heads for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, William Cardinal Levada, and the head of the Congregation for Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Franc Cardinal Rode’, and they got off pretty hard, it would seem.  Cardinal Levada reportedly told the LCWR group that their actions in support of Obamacare created a public display of disunity (calling Bishop Dowling!), and that they undercut the leadership of the Church.  Cardinal Rode’ was apparently stronger, stating that the sisters could not defend a position that was contrary to that of the bishop’s conference, and that while discussing the Obama issue at length, declared that LCWR has no role in providing pastoral or ecclesiastical direction and that they undermined Church unity.  The other topic discussed at length, of apparently only two topics, was the ongoing apostolic investigation.  Do you think the sisters support for Obamacare will accentuate the need for a change in direction among those religious represented by LCWR?  I do.

This may be alot of diplomatic Vatican-speak, but I would think that that LCWR leadership must be feeling extremely insecure right now.  In fact, that is readily apparent by their passive aggressive response to the investigation, with alot of lashing out, but only in ‘safe’ venues like the Distorter.  The fact is, many of the religous groups represented by LCWR, and especially those who make up the LCWR leadership, broke with the faith quite a long time ago.  Their organization is in dire straits, because young women are not attracted to shrill 70’s feminism and questionable sexual practices.  Even without the prospect of an apostolic investigation, which could well lead to a severe shakeup of LCWR, these religious groups have been dying from lack of vocations and an increasingly old, enfeebled, and tiresome membership.  I think these words from Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, say it all “NETWORK’s letter was a critical demonstration of support.”  She praised how the nuns “most importantly broke with the bishops and the Vatican to announce their support for health care reform.”

UPDATE: One more thing.  There is a growing trend among some pro-aborts where they try to claim “I’m not pro-abortion, but I support a woman’s right to choose.”  These nuns essentially use that argument, stating that they are in agreement with the bishops that abortion is wrong, but that they felt the health care provisions of the bill were imperative and that they still don’t support abortion.  This is a false dichotomy.  The health care was cleverly written to try to hide the billions set aside to fund abortions, but the nuns chose to believe the lie that it does not.  Every pro-life organization has stated that Obamacare will lead to a massive expansion of abortion, and this belief is confirmed by Planned Parenthood, which is ecstatic over Obamacare and has gone on a building boom ever since.  That is why Cecile Richards of Planned Baby Murdering Parenthood was overjoyed at LCWRs support.


1. Teresa - July 8, 2010

The dissenting nuns need to be held accountable for their scandalous actions. More Bishops need to speak up on issues such as contaception and abortion instead of staying silent and allowing scandal and dissent to spread.

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