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Professor fired for teaching Catholic doctrine July 13, 2010

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Many may have already read about this, but a few days ago Professor Kenneth Howell was fired from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Religion for teaching his students what Catholic doctrine plainly states – homosexuality is intrinsically disordered.   The professor committed the cardinal sin in academia (and ‘progressive’ catholyc) circles of stating that he agreed with the Church’s doctrine on homosexuality.  A student complained that this was hate speech, and so he was fired.  First of all, this concept of “hate speech” is fundamentally incompatible with a society that allegedly provides for freedom of speech.  Our college campuses have beocome some of the most intolerant, totalitarian places on the planet.  One can easily be fired, dismissed as a student, and/or completely ostracized for making a statement that runs counter to the stifling, omnipresent culture of lockstep leftist political groupthink that dominates on virtually every college campus in the country.   These places describe themselves as bastions of free thinking, which is an utter laugh – as David Horowitz constantly documents, colleges today are nothing more than mouthpiece organs for the disaffected far left, at least in terms of the political speech they will “tolerate”.  What few countering opinions there are do not change the Orwellian environment, as this most recent episode demonstrates.

What is more disturbing, is the seeming unwillingness of either the local Newman Center, the diocese, or the bishop, to defend this man or work with him to continue to provide instruction in the Catholic Faith at a collegiate level.   So now, one can be assured that either the students at the University of Illinois will either have no courses on the Catholic Faith available, or that they will be taught be individuals who understand that to represent Catholic doctrine faithfully is to end one’s career.  I am certain there are many codiciles or caveats that can be used to explain away the lack of support by the Newman center or diocese, but it looks rather shabby when the fired professor is having to rely on a largely protestant organization in his suit against the University of Illinois.  This is the lack of leadership of which I have recently spoken. 

This professor has in reality been given a great grace by being made a modern day martyr and suffering a significant loss for his defense of the Faith.  I am certain that our Heavenly Father will provide for him.  I am more concerned about the Church.  I am concerned that, due to sometimes tepid leadership, the Catholic Church is becoming more and more marginalized in the public sphere.  There are many who would like to insist that all public professions of Faith be outlawed or made so painful that they are virtually banished.  Thus, the religion of atheistic, secular progressivism (heretofore known as communism) could continue its ‘march through the institutions’ unchallenged.   While Catholics are called to stand apart from the world, we are also called to challenge the world to change, to evangelize for the Faith, to spread the Good News of Christ’s Ressurection and all the Truth of the Faith.  The ability to do this is being steadily eroded in western society, and this is not accidental.  It is not accidental that widespread sexual abuse by teachers is virtually ignored, while the Church is excoriated constantly for the failings of individuals.  It is not accidental that militant atheists are given the very utmost assurances of freedom of thought and speech, while those few defenders of the Faith are turned into martyrs.  While it has always been thus, the Church has always been there to support those defenders of the Faith.  But increasingly, it seems that much of the leadership in the Church, in particular in North America and Europe, is concerned primarily about not making waves, making sure there aren’t any negative headlines about THEM, and allowing certain folks to dangle in the wind if necessary for the “greater good.”  It appears one can, after all, be too Catholic.

And so for the sake of expediency, or popularity, or congeniality with those elites various bishops enjoy dining and socializing with, the ability of the Church to boldly proclaim the Truth Christ has revealed through it is steadily diminshed.  This might work to the worldly advantage of the leadership for a while, but there will come a day when they find their influence completely atrophied, and they will ask “how did this come to pass?”  It comes to pass one small situation at a time.


1. Mary - July 13, 2010

Our Catholic Church is hurting because people won’t stand up for the truth, but instead do as the school did and fire the professor who was trying to teach the Truth.
We are also hurting the students. We are also doing great harm in our so-called Catholic Universities, where the parents ASSUME their children are getting a good Catholic education.
Catholic colleges are weakening students’ faith.
A large percentage of them are leaving the Catholic Church by the time they finish with their college education. A recent study says 1/3 of Catholic university students stop attending mass.


As I search through the web, I see that “Catholic establishments” are trying to hide this info or bury their head in the sand…

For Strength and Truth we must pray…

2. Teresa - July 13, 2010

Many Catholic institutions are not really Catholic at all. They have co-opted by secularists and elitists. This case with the professor is one more instance of religious freedom being eroded in our country. What I find more appalling is that the Bishops are leaving faithful Catholics to ‘hang out to dry’. One positive thing is that God is and will continue to purge the waters of these dissenters. I believe it is starting with Pope Benedict XVI.

I totally understand what you stated about universities being beds of liberalism. And, then if people have a differing point of view then you are considered an outcast and marginalized. Unfortunately, I have experienced this and would love to finish my degree but I am not going to put up with being treated utterly horribly to the point that it hurts my grade and myself in other ways as well. Hopefully, I will be able to save up money to return to FUS soon.

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