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Sorrow and Joy – Anglicans continue suicidal plunge July 13, 2010

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Yesterday, the Anglican Church rejected a “compromise” proposed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and continued headlong down the path of rejecting Christian Tradition and succumbing to the siren song of the world.  The issue is the ordination of women’s bishops, which has been coming for some time.  Archbishop Williams had tried to float the idea of a “two-tier” church, in which more traditional Anglicans would always report to a male bishop, and more ‘progressive’ could report to either male or female.  This was unworkable, because of issues of complexity and the not insignificant fact that the traditionals did not believe that this separation would long remain operative.  It was at best a means to keep the traditionalists in the fold a little longer. 

And so the dissolution begins.  Dozens of Anglican clergy in England are making plans to accept the provision of the Ordinariate so astutely put together by Pope Benedict XVI, and much advance work has already been completed.  70 clergy met with the Catholic Bishop of Nottingham to discuss entering the Church.  As it becomes increasingly clear that the Anglican Church is fully protestant, and as such, is fully engaged with the slow dissolution of that group of sects that has accelerated in recent years, a sizable portion of the Anglican church will have to leave – not all will become Catholic, however.  Some will form some kind of traditionalist Anglican sect, and others may opt for Orthodoxy (which may eventually lead to Rome, anyway).  We should pray for those who swim the Tiber, that the Holy Spirit may open their eyes to the wondrous vista about to appear before them and be receptive to that Fullness of Truth only available in the Church.  We should pray for those remaining in anglicanism that they may realize that what they are coming to profess is no longer a fully Christian doctrine, but is increasingly a body that seeks accomodation with the world, the flesh, and the devil.  This is the sorrowful part to me, to see the coming dissolution of a church of which I was once a part.  There is joy in knowing that, though they may suffer, many will come to a fuller knowledge of Christ and be in union with the Church he established.  I pray for those caught in between, those who cannot remain anglican but cannot yet countenance joining the One, True Church, including my parents’ church in Plano – theirs is a rocky path.  I pray that all will one day be reunited in the Church Christ founded when he gave the keys of the Kingdom to Peter.

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