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What is it about St. Louis? July 13, 2010

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One of my favorite, prickly but very, well, orthodox for lack of a better word, bishops is Archbishop Raymond Burke, the current head of the Apostolic Signatura.  When he was archbishop of St. Louis, MO, he stated during the run up to the 2004 presidential election that pro-abort politicians should not receive Communion, and stated specifically that he would deny Communion to then candidate John F. Kerry.  St. Louis has a new archbishop, Robert J. Carlson, and he stated something rather similar recently.  In an editorial for the St. Louis Review, the newspaper of the St. Louis archdiocese, Archbishop Carlson stated (reported on Fr. Z):

Since the first century, the Church has addressed the moral evil of abortion and the killing of a defenseless baby in the womb. People who are casual about the sin of abortion and who choose to view it as a political issue rather than the serious moral issue that it is are guilty of violating the Fifth CommandmentYou cannot be “pro-choice” (pro-abortion) and remain a Catholic in good standing. That’s why the Church asks those who maintain this position not to receive holy Communion. We are not being mean or judgmental, we are simply acknowledging the fact that such a stance is objectively and seriously sinful and is radically inconsistent with the Christian way of life.

This is the key argument to make.  It is not that the Church is trying to “punish” those that disagree with her – it is trying to save the immortal souls of those who refuse a core Truth revealed by Christ.  Promoting abortion is a mortal sin.  Those in mortal sin can not recieve Communion.  If they do, they are “eating and drinking comdemnation on themselves” (1 COR 11:29) and are committing an even graver sin, a sin against Christ’s Sacrifice.  I have heard it described that they are re-crucifying Christ.  Fundamentally, disallowing the receipt of Communion to those who are in a state of mortal sin is a supreme act of charity, it is not something politically motivated, as ‘progressives’ often try to argue. 

Archbishop Carlson goes on to cite Guadium et Spes No. 51.3 which declares abortion to be an “abominable crime.”  Euthanasia is treated the same way.  All in all, it’s an extremely cogent and persuasive argument for the Catholic consistent life ethic and the stance against abortion.  Those who manifestly persist in any public, grave sin (such as if I were outed for being an out and proud swinger), cannot receive Communion.  Those who do put their souls in grave jeopardy and cause severe scandal in the Church, possibly leading others into grave sin, which only compounds their offense.  Pray for the conversion of those many unrepentant pro-abort Catholics – they are in dire need of prayers.

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