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What can I say, the man is on fire July 14, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, foolishness, General Catholic, scandals.

Some say Voris and I were separated at birth.  Well, I don’t know about that, but holy cow, he’s been hitting it out of the park the last three days.  I initially wasn’t going to comment on this, but I have to say at least a bit.  First, Voris’ video:

Now, the video from St. Francis Xavier parish that caused Voris to make his own video (sorry, I cannot imbed, it’s only a link):


Now, the CNN interview that corroborates some of Voris’ key points (sorry, again just a link):


Please take the time to watch all videos in their entirety.  It is key to fully understand what is being presented.

As I said, I originally intended to post this material with no comment.  But, I have to, because of two things.  The first was the CNN report, stating that the Church sends “mixed messages” regarding homosexuality, both welcoming them but at the same time telling them that the Church regards homosexual acts as intrinsically disordered and sinful.  These are not mixed messages, this is the Church acting in Charity and Truth.  No matter how much people may not like it today, Sacred Scripture, in numerous passages, is clear: homosexual acts are an “abomination before the Lord.”  But, we are called to love all, and so the Church welcomes gays with the message that they are called to be celibate, that their sexual inclinations are disordered but that Christ loves them and gave them this very great cross to bear as a sign of His Love.  In Truth, homosexuals are given an enormous gift – should they choose to live a celibate lifestyle in spite of their inclinations, the graces they will store up will be enormous, and a great proof of their love for Christ.  Some may say, well, the Church doesn’t persecute adulterers, or fornicators, or cohabitators.  This is a chimera – there are no Catholic Churches that I know of that have pro-adultery groups, that tout being open to fornicators and sport fornication support groups (now that would be a sight!), or anything similar.  The Church recognizes those actions as sinful, and no one has a problem with that, precisely because there are no enormous scale, extremely well funded pro-adultery groups out there lobbying for recognition by the Church!  Should that one day come to pass, I would expect to see various “progressive” parishes such as this one jumping on the bandwagon and fully embracing the fornicative lifestyle.  In truth, they already do, for any sex outside the confines of marriage constitutes fornication and is also an abomination before the Lord.

The second thing is, I’m very sorry about this situation.  I’m most sorry that a retired Cardinal can state that this parish that flaunts the fact that it not only welcomes, but supports and advocates for, those engaging in a lifestyle that has always been defined as sinful by the Church can state that this parish is a shining example for the entire world.  This is what prompted me to write – this statement is indefensible.  For all the good works that this parish has done, for all the great architecture it has (it’s a gorgeous church), for all of its positive aspects, this Church is built upon its encouragement of intrinsically sinful acts.  Let there be no mistake, these are not celibate homosexuals struggling to live their lives in union with the Truth revealed by Christ, these are folks who make no bones about being in gay sexual relationships, and are proud of that fact.  The CNN video makes this clear.  That a retired cardinal and the archbishop of the  most influential diocese in the country can provide such a ringing endorsement of this church, and I’m sure it does numerous great things, is a stinging rebuke of Sacred Scripture and the Truth revealed through Christ’s Church.  It is heartbreaking, and it is indicative of so much of what is wrong with the Church today. 

I’m also sorry for the people involved, for they are being sold a terribly false bill of goods that puts their souls in grave danger.  They are being taught that it is a positive good to be gay.  That their sexual acts cause no offense to God.  This is contrary to the Truth revealed by Christ through Sacred Scripture and explained very clearly in the Catechism.  This is soft sentimalism masquerading as “acceptance” and the cardinal virtue of charity.  In Truth, it is those calling this church and its parishioners to task for their sinful lifestyles that are acting in Charity – we simply do not want to see these folks putting their eternal souls in grave danger due to their being sold a happy delusion. 

And if that weren’t enough, they had liturgical dance and “All are welcome,” uff da……..

UPDATE: Just a reminder of what triggered all this, the support of St. Francis Xavier parish, featured in the videos above, for the NYC gay pride parade.

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