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And now for the pathetic denoument – Obamacare funding abortion in PA July 15, 2010

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Well, our heroes at CHA, the wonderful Sr. Carol Keehan who once condescended to leave a comment here decrying my mean spirited vitriol, and the NETWORK of left wing sisters from LCWR, are going to have a very hard time defending their support for Obamacare.   Already, well before Obamacare comes fully into effect, certain provisions are being enacted, and one of the very first, is providing $160 million to provide abortion services in Pennsylvania.   But, but, but, Sr. Keehan and LCWR and NETWORK all SWORE that Obamacare would not provide federal funds for abortion!  There is an “executive order.”   There simply can’t be federal funding for abortion!  And yet, there is.

We’re coming to the time, sooner than I thought, when Sr. Keehan, CHA, NETWORK, and the 50 some odd sisters from LCWR who signed the petition in favor of Obamacare, will have a difficult choice.  They will either have to publically disavow their support for Obamacare, admitting that they were fools and were duped, or they will remain silent, and by their silence tacitly admit that they did what many in the pro-life community claimed – they intentionally supported a bill they knew would massively expand abortion in order to achieve a major goal of the socialist dream project.  In essence, they traded their political preferences for their allegiance to the Truth revealed by Jesus Christ.  The bishops said, you cannot support this bill, but they did.  And in so doing, they provided the cover needed by “pro-life” demonrats to vote for a bill they too knew would lead to the largest expansion of abortion in this country since Roe v. Wade.  Their efforts were coordinated.  The sisters worked closely with demonrat politicians in order to tailor a message which would give the politicians optimal cover. 

Catholic Vote Action has been promoting a petition drive to encourage Sr. Keehan and the other dissenting female religious to support the Protect Life Act, which would repeal any federal funding for abortion through Obamacare.  I was skeptical at first, but now I feel it will never, ever happen.  The CHA, Sr. Keehan, the LCWR sisters, they are all far too invested materially and politically in the “success” of Obamacare to do anything that could remotely undermine it. They have, I am sorry to say, sold out.  There is no benefit to them to try to re-establish their pro-life credentials as faithful Catholics – they hitched their yoke to the democrat party and Obamacare and are now inalterably linked to both.  To back out and support the pro-life legislation would be to be accused of betrayal by their friends in the democrat party – they would be reneging on that cover they have provided to Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), and others.  All the goodies they have been receiving – the video messages from Obama at the CHA conference, the presidential pen, the invitations to effete dinner parties and elite conferences, that would all go away in an instant if these women supported a pro-life initiative aimed at rolling back Obamacare. 

In truth, I don’t think these women have any interest in trying to undo the now proven pro-abort measures in Obamacare, because most of these women either support abortion on demand, or will gladly tolerate it as a necessary evil in order to provide the “good” of a socialist medical system.  This is yet another rotten fruit born of the lack of discipline and Authority in the Church, where horrid misreadings of Dignitatis Humanae have given rise to the notion that ANYTHING can be believed so long as one prays about it and ‘properly forms their conscience.’ 

All we can do now is pray, because it will take the action of the Holy Spirit to turn Obamacare around and, more importantly, convert those in the Church who would trade innocent human life for socialism.  And I also pray that Pope Benedict XVI will heed the plaintive plea of Msgr. Gherardini and Romano Amerio and others.

UPDATE:  via Catholic Vote Action:

I think today is a good day to watch this promotional video from the Catholic Health Association, trumpeting the work they did to pass Obamacare. The CHA not once in this nearly ten-minute video discusses the abortion-funding controversy, the inadequate conscience clause protection, or the fact that their co-advocates for the legislation were groups like Planned Parenthood.

If you want a real treat, jump to 8:05 in the video:


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