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Why Yoga is incompatible with Catholicism July 16, 2010

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Here’s an article by the sadly deceased but excellent Fr. John Hardon, SJ (yes, I know, a Jesuit!) about yoga and why it is incompatible with Catholicism.  This article is timely and needed in our diocese because an increasing number of Catholic parishes are offering yoga as a form of ‘spiritual exercise.”  Fr. Hardon is having none of it:

Yoga is incompatible with Catholicism because the best known practice of Hindu spirituality is Yoga. “Inner” Hinduism professes pantheism, which denies that there is only one infinite Being who created the world out of nothing. This pantheistic Hinduism says to the multitude of uncultured believers who follow the ways of the gods that they will receive the reward of the gods. They will have brief tastes of heaven between successive rebirths on earth. But they will never be delivered from the “wheel of existence” with its illusory lives and deaths until they realize that only “God” exists and all else is illusion (Maya). To achieve this liberation the principal way is by means of concentration and self control (yoga).

I should also remind that yoga also goes hand in hand with numerous other ‘new age’ practices.  Some of the local parishes that offer yoga include: St. Elizabeth Seton Plano, Prince of Peace Plano, and All Saints in far North Dallas

Nothing says ‘Catholic’ like getting in touch with your inner Zen and chanting mantras!

Awesome video July 16, 2010

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Via Fr. Adamcyzk, the Mass:

This is why I freak out about having Mass celebrated as reverently as possible!  It means so much!  This is why I pray for conversion of so many people.  I know they won’t get it until they are moved by the Spirit, but the Mass means so much to each one of us and the whole world!  The world cannot exist without the Mass!

Bishop Farrell: Anglican women bishops an “enormous obstacle to Christian unity” July 16, 2010

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Man, I was praying I could write something like this one day. Bishop Farrell coming out with a real strong opinion on a topical issue of the faith!  Oh, but wait, it’s not OUR Bishop Farrell, it’s his brother, the ‘other’ Bishop Farrell, the secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.  According Zenit, Bishop Brian Farrell stated that the appointment of women bishops in the Anglican Church would present and “enormous obstacle” to Christian unity,” and:

“All the Churches of the first millennium, Catholic, Eastern and Orthodox, state that only men can be ordained,” he said. “These Churches see the ordination of women as an illegitimate abandonment of authentic Tradition.”

In reality, ecumenism with anglicanism outside the provisions of the Ordinariate is all but dead.  At recent ecumencial conclaves at the Vatican, the anglican church representatives, including archbishop Rowan Willams, have been relegated to seats among the really suspect sects, like Lakewood Church, instead of having seats up with the Greek and Russian Orthodox crowd, like they used to.  Apparently, Williams was extremely upset about this at the most recent such event.  But can you blame the Vatican?  Anglicanism has been jettisoning one tradition after another.  It’s like a ship that’s just been torpedoed, nothing is sacred, everything can go overboard.  First contraception, then divorce, then female and gay clergy, then female and gay bishops – there appears to be no demand of the world that the anglican church won’t satisfy.  It is difficult to take such an institution seriously when it continues to change its doctrine. 

That’s why I pray every night that the Ordinariate will be a ringing success.  I know it will be hard for anglicans to make the change, but I know that once they do, they will be so very glad they did.

At St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano, they love Alinsky groups so much…. July 16, 2010

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…..they give them office space.   Not necessarily a big shock, but for folks who attend Seton, I thought they might want to know that some of their parish office space is used by a Saul Alinsky Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) front group, Collin County Area Interfaith, which was spun off from Dallas Area Interfaith.  Having justice and mercy for our neighbor is a core Catholic belief, but Industrial Areas Foundation and their numerous spin offs take that justice to mean that government should transfer wealth from one segment of society to another, taking a large cut off the top, some of which gets distributed to groups like the Industrial Areas Foundation.  It is no exaggeration to state that Industrial Areas Foundation advocates for socialism if not outright Marxism, which previous Popes have defined as being incompatible with the Catholic Faith.

One more thing – Industrial Areas Foundation groups are not “grass-roots;” they don’t spring up of their own accord, they are planned from the top down, in good Marxist fashion, by national leaders who identify areas they want to try to penetrate, then they recruit individuals into their organization.

Sound familiar?

That Seton Soles run you do every spring raises money for these groups.   The $135,000 raised so far with Seton Soles has been used largely to lobby local governments, much of it in close connection with Dallas Area Interfaith/Collin County Area Interfaith.  This is what is meant by “social justice.”  It never means directly helping the poor by providing medical care, or food, or clothing.  It means lobbying government to raise taxes or provide some perceived benefit to the poor.  This is the definition of social justice as the term is used on the Seton website.

UPDATE:  This is an awesome document that explains how IAF operates and infiltrates what it defines as “institutions,” like a church.  Like Seton.  Just so you know, as far as Industrial Areas Foundation is concerned, and Dallas Area Interfaith uses this same methodology, every single member of an institution that belongs to an IAF affiliate (Seton is a member of IAF affiliate Dallas Area Interfaith) is counted as a  member of that IAF affiliate.  So, Mr. and Mrs. Smith at Seton, you belong to the Industrial Areas Foundation, whose founding principle is to turn the United States into a Marxist country.  In this way, Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI) can claim to have “100,000” members, or whatever the case may be, because of the number of people who attend the churches that are part of DAI, when in reality they have an active membership of between 30-40 people.  Isn’t socialism fun?

An apolitical political post July 16, 2010

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Shiela Jacskson-Lee, with an interesting history lesson for all of us:

We won in Vietnam!  North and South Vietnam still coexist peacefully next to each other. 

Is she a product of Houston ISD?