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More abortion news July 20, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, scandals.

Some more abortion news – continuing the trend for rich philanthropists to “atone” for their great wealth, billioinaire Warren Buffett plans on giving away most of his awesome fortune.  So far, he appears to be giving most of that money to population control/pro-birth control organizations, especially Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Catholics for Choice (surprised?), and others.  One of the biggest successes the pro-life movement has had in recent years is to a) stygmatize the murder of pre-born children so that hospitals won’t perform abortions anymore, and b) reducing the number of doctors who are willing to own and operate free standing abortion “clinics.”  Because of these efforts, the average age of doctors who perform abortions has skyrocketed and the number of abortion facilities continues to drop.  Pro-aborts have realized this, and are engaged in major efforts to try to convince young, aspiring physicians that murdering infants is the wave of the future.   Into this breech has stepped Warren Buffet, who has been secretly funding this campaign to recruit new doctors as abortionists

Well, surprise, surprise.  Like the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Fords, and Gates’ before it, this Buffett Foundation has rapidly transmogrified from a generic charitable institution into a vehicle to fund “progressive” causes.  Because we all want to progress, right?  And how better to progress than to insure that over a million young lives are snuffed out each year?  If you actually read the New York Slimes piece, the pro-abort agitprop and lockstep groupthink may cause nausea, so you are hereby forewarned.  Reading that NYT article continues my discomfiture at the incredible disconnect between the cultural ‘elites’ and the views held by the vast majority of Americans.  I don’t think this country has been so divided, and on such a basic level,  in at least 50 years, and possibly in 150.  Travelling and meeting with people in Kansas, as I recently did, increased this realization for me.  This is not good.

Continuing on the abortion theme, LiveAction has once again (literally, this is about the 15th or 18th time) caught a Planned Parenthood “counselor” lying to a perspective abortion client on camera.  Again, this is hardly surprising.  Most of Planned Parenthood’s income comes from two sources – the federal government and abortion.  If women know that abortion increases their risk of breast cancer, or makes them twice as likely to later have a miscarriage, or puts them at risk of being sterilized, those women might might not have that abortion, and that wouldn’t be good for the bottom line.   So, what’s a few lies if it helps Planned Parenthood get that $3-5,000 it so desperately needs? 

What is surprising is that Planned Parenthood has not faced any federal class action lawsuits regarding this kind of rampant, persistent behavior.  Planned Parenthood facilities in a number of states have been taped by LiveAction engaging is this kind of misleading, if not outright lying, behavior.  Didn’t we just sign the Patient Protection and Affordability Act into Law?  Doesn’t that have anything to say about the systematic misrepresentation of a “medical procedure” to prospective recipients?  Obama swore there would be “rigorous conscience clauses!” 

In reality, both of these stories illustrate the desperation on the pro-abort side.  America is becoming increasingly pro-life, and the younger generations are not as wedded to radical feminist dogma as their parents and grandparents.  The long term outlook for  the abortion industry in this country is not good.  That is why Planned Parenthood was so desperately giddy when Obamacare passed, and why they depend on the largesse of ‘progressive’ foundations like Buffet’s.  Without the federal trough and those foundations, Planned Parenthood would be doomed.

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