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California Catholics embrace gay marriage July 22, 2010

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A dispiriting poll out from California yesterday finds that, taking other factors like race into accounts, Catholics and mainline protestants are 20% more likely to support gay marriage in that state than evangelical protestants.  While a hard number is not given, it is stated that a majority of Catholics in California support gay marriage.  Worse:

 “Overall what we really see here is a general Protestant-Catholic divide,” researcher Dan Cox said. “So white Protestants verses white Catholics, we have a 20-point difference with white Protestants more likely to report hearing their clergy speak out on this issue. And we see the same size gap between Latino Protestants and Catholics as well.”

In fact, 57% of Latino Catholics now support gay marriage, while only 22% of Latino protestants do.  This is shameful on several levels.  Once again, we see a majority of Catholics rejecting a core doctrine of their Faith, a doctrine that is strongly supported by Sacred Scripture.  This goes hand in hand with similar rejections of doctrine on contraceptive use, abortion, women’s ordination, and the Authority of the Church.  It’s also dispiriting, but not surprising, to hear California Catholics report that their priest’s are staying away from the subject during their homilies.  There is a pronounced tendency in numerous dioceses, possibly at the behest of the local ordinary, to stay away from controversial topics.  I know of priests who have been reprimanded for emphasizing the Church’s clear doctrine on issues like gay marriage.  So Catholics are essentially left to either a) try to determine what Church doctrine is for themselves, since so many Catholics are poorly formed, or b) listening to the “wisdom” of the world through incessant TV programs, news articles, songs, movies, etc. trumpeting the gay lifestyle.  It is no surprise that these Catholics, without receiving regular instruction from the pulpit, have rejected a doctrine that has not been reinforced.  This issue goes hat in hand with the influence of the lavendar mafia, wherein homosexual influence on and among the clergy leads to a clmate of at a minimum of silence on this Church doctrine, if not outright public rejections of it by clergy.  What has developed, then, in the Church, is an environment that not only tolerates but in some circles embraces the gay lifestyle, and it has been left largely to lay people to try to support and defend the traditional Church doctrine on homosexuality.  Since very few Catholics bother to be formed in their Faith and don’t read spectucularly edifying blogs like mine, they simply don’t know why the Church teaches what it does, and they hear no countervaling voices that can overcome the influence of the world on their thinking.

If Catholics vote in favor of allowing “gay marriage, we will have yet another area where a large percentage of self-described Catholics are putting their souls in risk by materially aiding in the commission of a sin.  Just like the (forgive me) bozos at USCatholic and Vox Nova that spend every single minute nowadays bashing pro-life Catholics for their opposition to Obamacare, those Catholics that support gay marriage are working against the Church, and working against the Truth that has been revealed by Christ through His Bride. 

As an afterthought, the following diocesan parishes are listed by the dissenting, pro-gay lifestyle New Ways Ministry as being gay friendly:

Holy Trinity – Oak Lawn
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton  – Plano (I’m shocked, shocked!)

Comments telling me I hate gays will be deleted and the commenters banned.


1. Mary - July 22, 2010

I’m going to go out on a limb with this comment:
It can only be a “GAY-FRIENDLY PARISH” if there is a “GAY-FRIENDLY PRIEST” who allows for gay organizations or somehow gives his parishoners reason to believe he welcomes the gay lifestyle in some way. I’m not saying the pastor has to be gay mind you.

And no, I’m not a homophobe; the good Bible does speak out against this so-called lifestyle. We are not called to love the sin; Jesus said many times “go and sin no more”.
Fr. Corapi says that he and gays can be similar – both called to celibacy.

You are right, moral issues are not spoken about enough (if at all in some parishes); instead we get the “love everybody” song and dance ad nausium.

2. East Coast Tom - July 22, 2010

According to today’s (July 22nd) California Catholic Daily (http://calcatholic.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=05b92f5e-f3ac-42f1-8606-8abdb64ac133), California Catholics also favor liberal (or more liberal) abortion laws:

Who cares what the Church teaches?
Poll shows 62% of Catholics want to keep California’s liberal abortion laws — or make getting abortions even easier

Forty-eight percent of self-identified Catholics oppose any changes to California’s liberal abortion laws, and 14% say the law should make it even easier for women to get abortions, a Field Poll released yesterday revealed.

Just 34% of poll respondents who identified themselves as Catholics said state law should be changed to make getting an abortion more difficult, while 4% had no opinion one way or the other, according to the Field Poll results.

The results were part of an overall portrait of California residents, painting them as one of the most pro-abortion electorates in the U.S. “There has been no change in California voters long-standing support for allowing women the right to a legal abortion,” said a summary of the results released yesterday by the Field Poll. “About seven in ten voters (71%) favor making no change to the state’s current abortion laws or making abortion easier to obtain. In addition, a similar 71% endorse the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that granted women a constitutional right to abortion.”

The California results buck a national trend, where polls taken in recent years show that, overall, Americans have become increasingly pro-life.

The Field Poll did turn up some slivers of anti-abortion sentiment in the state. “The largest proportions of voters who take a contrary view and advocate making abortion harder to obtain exist among strong conservatives (52%), those who identify strongly with the Tea Party protest movement (48%), Vietnamese-Americans (45%), Republicans (40%), supporters of Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate (39%), supporters of Meg Whitman for Governor (38%), moderate conservatives (37%) and Latinos (36%),” according to the Field Poll.

The poll was conducted between June 22 and July 5, and queried 1,390 registered voters across the state.

tantamergo - July 22, 2010

That is all incredibly depressing. California is stuck in an isolated continuous feedback loop, in spite of all evidence or logic, it continues it’s headlong slog into socialistic, secularistic, pagan morass.

Subvet - July 23, 2010

FWIW, polling 1,390 voters is taking a very small sample of a large demographic and therefore making questionable conclusions. I’ll bet you could find a good portion of those “Catholics” just in the Castro district of San Francisco. Just to tweak memories, thats the area where the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” reside.

tantamergo - July 23, 2010

Hey, when you were in the Navy, did you ever spend time at Alameda or Hunter’s Point? There isn’t a naval base in SanFran anymore, is there?

3. Subvet - July 23, 2010

Nope, My folks moved to California in 1967 and I went to high school on the Mojave Desert but after boot camp in San Diego I headed east and stayed there (except for a year in Pearl Harbor). As far as a naval base in SanFran, I have no idea. Since I got out I’ve lost touch on a lot of things. It’s probably better that way, otherwise I’d be the typical old crank complaining about how things were “in the good old days”.

tantamergo - July 23, 2010

Like me!

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