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Weekend reading July 23, 2010

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Since I don’t post much on weekends, leaving you, my dear readers, casting about desperately trying to find something with which to fill your time, try this:

The War Against Being by James Larsen  Especially pay attention to part II, dealing with the philosophy of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Henri de Lubac.  The author is quite critical of both and states that the philosophy of these men has poisoned the well of Catholic thought, leading to much of what we many see as the dire state of the Church over the past 50 years.  I am no expert on either man, but I know a few commenters are, so I’d appreciate your thoughts on part II.  I haven’t read the entire book, just part II, but it seems compelling to me.  Tell me what’s wrong with it, since I know Pope Benedict XVI has been both a collaborator with and admirer of von Balthasar in particular for many years.

If that doesn’t fill your weekend, try this.  It’s a historical analysis of the release of the Catechism in the early 90’s, and how many diocesan catechists were diametrically opposed to having to work with an official Church document.  These catechists preferred the “anything goes” type of catechesis, where the primacy of the individual conscience informed much dissent from Catholic doctrine.  I haven’t read this one, yet. 

Both books are online and free!  See how good I am?

Demographic Bomb program on EWTN TV July 23, 2010

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The Demographic Bomb: Demography is Destiny is set to air again on EWTN next Wednesday night at 9 PM Central.  Do check it out.  As I have hammered on over and over again on this blog, not only are there practical imperatives to reproduction, we as Catholics are called to embrace life from conception to natural death, and for those with the vocation of marriage to be open to reproduction throughout married life.   One of the biggest myths that has arisen in the last 50 years is the myth of human overpopulation.  To the contrary, all industrialized societies, and many third world, are committing slow suicide through failure to reproduce.  The greatest capital on earth is human capital, and the greatest material gift God gives is the gift of life. 

It just keeps getting worse July 23, 2010

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Dear Lord, when will it stop?  An Italian magazine secretly recorded three priests from the Diocese of Rome (Rome!!) going to gay bars and having anonymous, casual sex.  The events were video recorded.  One of the priests celebrated Mass shortly before going out for a night of debauchery, and then proceeded to have sex with a man wearing his cassock.  I’ve never both cried and vomited at the same time, but I feel like I’m about to enjoy that experience. 

I am sorry to say, but this is not an isolated phenomena.  From the repeated stories about Cardinal McCarrick (Uncle Ted) who stuffed his chancery full of young boy toy priests who later went on to fill important positions (uhhhh……), to Rod Dreher’s long expose on the depth of active homosexuals in the priesthood, to the lingering tales of “pink palace” seminaries where gay sexual activity was rampant, this huge problem seems depressingly widespread.  I don’t believe, as one commenter once stated, that the majority of priests in the United States today are active homosexuals, but there are enough to create a climate of degeneration within the ranks of the priesthood.  I do think things are very slowly getting better – I think the seminaries are gradually moving to change criteria so that men with profound homosexual tendencies are not advanced to ordination, but there remains a large cadre of men formed in previous years that obviously are still acting on their tendencies. 

Some may think this is no problem – who cares what a priest does, right, and celibacy is outdated, right?  The problem is threefold – for one, all priests take a solemn vow to live a chaste life – if they are willing to break this vow, what other vows will they break?  Secondly, there is the very pronounced tendency for those who live outside Catholic doctrine in one area to live and think outside that doctrine in a whole host of other areas, from which we get very poor catechesis, novel liturgies, and people given very confused instruction on what the Church actually believes.  Third, we have the link between gay clergy and their desire for what the gay community calls “twinks,” very young men who serve as both fantasy victim and possible inductee into the gay lifestyle.  We have been told that, in spite of the fact that seven out of every eight victims of priest sex abuse has been male, the problem is not due to homosexuality.  I will let the ratio of victims speak for itself.

Unfortunately, we will likely have to endure stories like this for quite some time to come.  We  must pray for much better priests, for seminaries that form devout young men without huge sexual issues very well in the doctrine of the Faith, and for the conversion of those who feel this strong same sex attraction away from the dissolute life they are leading and back to the practice of their solemn vows.