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Fr. Z takes apart a crazed radical feminst calling for a ‘new church’ July 27, 2010

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Fr. Z has a long post up taking apart an utterly crazed radical feminist who wrote a piece for (what else?) the Distorter.  This woman hates the Church.  Again, I’m short on time, but a brief excerpt:

For women across the globe, it is so much more than this. It is a statement of profound spiritual violence [Blah blah blah… this is the tired old language of ‘80’s Dworkin feminism where everything is violence against women.] against half of the human race already routinely victimized on the basis of their God-given anatomy. [But this next bit is over the top.  No sane person goes here unless they are filled with hate and rage.] In a world where 39,000 baby girls die in China annually because they do not receive medical care equal to male infants, brides in India are burned once every two hours, and 35,000 Colombian women are trafficked to the sex trade every year, the church’s [always small “c”] statements only reinforce the idea that female bodies are not of equal value in the eyes of God, that they do not hold the same potential to be a sacred vessel of the life of God in our world[Neither the norms nor the Church’s definitive teachings do anything of the kind.  It could be that the writer is working out her own problems.]

At the same time that the Vatican freed bishops from being accountable for criminal activity (by failing to order them to report every instance of abuse and refusing to create sanctions against those who cover up abuse), [This is a canard.  The Vatican doesn’t have a law enforcement arm.  Also, the new norms are explicitly applied to bishops, cardinals, patriarchs, etc.  But look at this howling error in the next part….] it saw fit to define new kinds of crimes that have everything to do with gender, but nothing to do with sexual abuse.  [Did she read the new norms?  They are explicitly about defending the sanctity of sacraments.  The graviora delicta which are treated in the revised norms deal with sexual abuse of children by clerics because there are sacraments involved (Holy Orders always and sometimes Penance.  They cover the attempted ordination of women because a sacrament is involved.]

Women, and those who attempt to ordain them, were classified as committing crimes against the sacraments. [Ahhhh… she gets something right.] Such crimes are metaphysically serious in that they constitute any action that desecrates the Eucharist. [Nooo… the issue of woman’s ordination is about the sacrament of Holy Orders.] Not only can God not work through the body of a woman, now, it seems, women’s bodies actually defile the Eucharist. [That’s just plain stupid.]…………..

But, really, what do women have to lose at this point? In the Roman Catholic church, [bad male homophobic institution] they have no status and no potential to work in a church environment that will courageously and creatively supportive their callings to and gifts for ministry. [A canard.  Women have been in “ministry” from the beginning of the Church.] Unless their jobs or livelihoods depend on at least appearing to keep within the fold, what is the real risk? As a young adult grappling to understand the future of the church—and my own role in it—the benefits of the emergence of new kinds of smaller, alternative eucharistic communities seem to far outweigh any risk. [Jamie’s eucharistic communities (what ever they are) v. institution.]

Such communities, I believe, will be a vital remedy for the aching need for communal support and spiritual nurture that will define new generations of women and men. [Lot’s of buzz words there.] These new forms of Catholic communities would be uniquely positioned [Now watch this!] to convey the best parts of the Catholic tradition, those fundamental beliefs—in ritual and sacrament, mysticism and spirituality, the preferential option for the poor and the pursuit of social justice—that keep them calling themselves Catholic. [“fundamental beliefs”… not much there about what we have considered Tradition from the beginning.  This is “call a new church into being” time.  They want the best parts of tradition.  Who determines what the best parts are?  Not an institution, of course.  Everyone would be able to determine what are, for themselves, the best parts.] They would also teach the next generation that they do not need to participate in their own oppression in order to be a member of a church community. [eucharistic community v. institution] These communities can begin to model now what may very well be the life-giving future of the church. [But not to the Catholic Church.  Some other church.] 

Women who are interested in using their bodies [ho hum] to allow God [This is the second time she has used this “allow God” thing.] to continue to build up the body of Christ only need to consider the extraordinary, sacramental work that has been done and can be done outside of the walls of an institution [sacramental but not in the institution] bent on fortifying its spiritually violent, [Feel the dark-side.  Use that anger, Jamie.] paranoid and medieval structure. As they gather together in community, [bzzzz  But, she is now making an appeal to break with the Catholic Church…. ] one of their first orders of business may be to reach out to the women in developing countries who do not have even a modicum of the privilege and power held by many women in the West. They must use their money and their influence to help free these women from the poverty to which they are enslaved. [Actually, this sounds to me like “Let’s find uneducated and desperate women we can exploit, we can use to swell our already inflated numbers.”] And they must reach out to those places where the institutional church’s oppressive stances on women only support the social and cultural beliefs that subject women to so much abuse, violence and exploitation.

By the way, it gets much worse.  This woman loathes the Church, and she is calling on the poor, downtrodden, oppressed, so beaten up they can barely make it out of bed in the morning women of the Church to RISE UP and form a new Church, without all the oppressive male oligarchy, where the women can be on top.  Women just like the radfem author!  In fact, her!  She wants it soooo bad!

The psychodrama played out in this one piece would take pages to unwind, but I’ll just leave with a few questions – is this not heresy?  Is she not advocating that women leave the Church and form their own ecclesial groups, led by amazonian feminist power goddesses?   How is it that National Catholic Distorter Reporter can still be found in almost any parish office or library, or, worse yet, on the desk of the pastor, after so many years of outright heresy?  If it weren’t for parish subscriptions of 2-5 copies per, NCR would have bit the dust years ago.  Why do pastors continue to support a source that spews so much venom at the Church, and leads a <shinking> number of <rapidly aging> people away? 



1. Teresa - July 28, 2010

It is most definitely heresy! Its probably the same reason why Catholics distort social justice. Actually, those same lib distorters probably subscribe to the National Catholic Reporter also.

2. thewhitelilyblog - July 28, 2010

The feminist statement here that women have been denied their ministry in the Church–what a laugh! A very anti-Catholic British historian (John Bossy) had to admit that even though ‘everybody knows’ that the Church is horribly patriarchal, the Catholic women of the Reformation kept the Church alive there for at least three hundred years by sheet dint of brave, hard work, and he was ‘forced’ to admit that Catholicism actually must be a matriarchy. Their husbands conformed, they–not so much! And traditional women are doing the same today, and believe me, at my traditional Catholic church, there is one thing they definitely would not be caught dead saying, and that’s that they don’t have enough important work to do! I have a post about it on The White Lily Blog if anyone’s interested, Way to Woman Up: the Girls Who Save(d) England.

Thanks for posting this!

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