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Men’s attire at Mass often lacking July 27, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in foolishness, General Catholic.

A while back I did a post that touched on the subject of people, most frequently women, dressing immodestly at Mass.   Over at Acts of the Apostasy, Larry D. has a good post up castigating guys for wearing shorts and flip flops to Mass.  There is a guy at daily Mass I see all the time that looks like he just came from sleeping off an all night bender at the beach.  I feel for the guy in a sense, but in another I wish he could bother to wear a bit nicer clothes for the Lord.  Anyway, Larry D. has stirred up a bit of controversy, with some folks insisting that it’s time for people to stop “preaching to the choir” on this issue (i.e., blogging), and to get out there and start confronting folks.

I haven’t got too much time today, but I’m not sure about this.  I’m way more confrontational than most priests would like me to be, but I don’t know about calling people out at Church for how they are dressed.  I would love to see pastors give much better guidance, including putting up signs indicating that shorts, tank tops, exposed cleavage, etc., are not permissible.  So what do y’all think?

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1. Subvet - July 27, 2010

I think some sort of guidelines should be posted outside the church door on easily read signs. It’s hard to keep the focus on God when “Suzie” in the next pew is dressed like a hooker on payday night. By the same token, a good portion of men need cleaning up their act.

At our church the Saturday and Sunday evening Masses are known to my wife and I as “the flipflop & tee-shirt” services. It gets interesting in the warmer weather to say the least.

Not everybody can afford nice clothing, I’ll roger that. As a matter of fact it wasn’t till recently our finances allowed me to buy anything other than work clothing. It happens.

But being well groomed and in clean clothing that shows no chest hair, cleavage, butt cracks, etc. is something we could all do.

While we’re on this topic, I’d think the ushers could set an example in this area. Ours are attired in everything from suit & tie to khaki pants, loafers & sports shirts. The women are just as diverse.

Before returning to the Church I spent a couple of years in a Pentecostal denomination. Part of that time I ushered and those folk were strict! Suit & tie at a minimum, well cut hair and in addition our personal lives had to be above reproach. We were the “keepers of the gate” and expected to live accordingly. Since the church was also in a rough neighborhood, the assistant pastor informed us we were the first line of defense if anyone came in with mischief on their minds. Taking a bullet for Christ was considered a possibility and no, I’m not kidding.

That might be kind of extreme but sometimes I believe the Catholic churches in this area would benefit from similar standards, at least in the area of dress.

tantamergo - July 27, 2010

I agree on all – one church I go to, the ushers all wear suits and ties. At another, the ushers dress far more casual, even wearing jeans. Now, that second Church is in a much poorer area, so that might be all they can afford. But I agree – be clean and well kempt and wear the best you can, within reason.

2. JenZ - July 28, 2010

This topic just came up yesterday when I was talking with some other moms. One mentioned that when the former pastor of our church had a sign put up telling people that they need to dress appropriately for Mass, some people were really angry about it and even moved to different parishes over it. That sign was one of the first things I noticed when we moved here, and I was actually glad to see it, so it’s shocking to me that people would get so upset about it!

3. Mary - July 28, 2010

Over at the Acts, people were angry that ‘we’ are “judging” others.
I try not to judge, but pray instead.

I am so sorry to Jesus, and for these who don’t understand. If they fully understood (or partially) the MAGNIFICANCE of this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, surely they would dress nice for Jesus, surely they would arrive early and stay for the entire mass, surely they would try to be attentive during mass.

We have taken away the awe and magnificance, the reverence and splendor owed to Jesus when we “modified” our churches and masses.
After Vatican II, churches were stripped of their gorgeous high alters, statuary, mosaics or paintings, stained glass windows, tall steeples, etc., and new churches were made to look like assembly halls (some of them low-rent type). Our masses no longer emphasize the mystery of God-made man come down from heaven to die for us and offer His sacrifice for our souls. Instead they emphasize “community”; yeah well my neighbors and friends aren’t going to get me to heaven, only one JESUS will. When we return OUR churches and masses to pre-VII, we’ll se a return to a more formal dress.

In the meantime, I’ll do my part: I’ll dress in a nice skirt/blouse/veil, I’ll have my children dressed in dresses for girls, nice outfit for the boy. I’ll try my best to have my children rested, well behaved, minimal distractions (difficult for little ones at times), and try to show reverence at all times. I’ll try to “lead by example”.

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